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A neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago composed of the Clearing and Garfield Ridge neighborhoods. Midway is about 50% white and 50% mexican. Pastimes of Midway kids include smoking, dipping, pregaming at "valley," drinking on the tracks, and smoking weed. Sadly, about 75% of the girls of Midway are hoodrats. Although Midway goes from 51st street to 65th street, the die-hard hoodrats will say, "yu aint frum midway unless yu livin between 55thh n 63rdd.!" Even though many suburb ass people say Midway is a ghetto, it's actually a really nice place to live. Often referred to as "mw." If you cross the tracks on 63rd and Harlem, you will enter Summit aka "Scummit," which is infested with hoodrats and amazing mexican restaurants.
"Hey are you coming out to midway tonight?"
"Hell yeah we're going to the tracks!"

Person from Orland: "Oh shit you live in midway?"
Midway kid: "Uhh, yeah.."
by fakebitchesss December 20, 2012
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neighborhood in chicago, AKA Garfield Ridge. The coolest neighborhood in the world, involves alot of drinking, noise, and partying. Most the kids in the neighborhood hang at valley, were they sneak into the tracks and drink till 12 or whenever the cops come. The guys are jocks and the girls are all hoes. all the other neighborhoods talk shit but we beat there ass anyways. 5563 MW
Topps, you gunna be in midway tonight? "yay man fuckin tracks fordays lets fuckin rage"

OMG did you see topps today, he was looking so hot at valley, i just wanna fuck him
by alex topps June 13, 2013
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A magical orifice located in the midsection of the human body. It resembles a balloon knot or devil's onion ring.

The smoke that comes out of the midway smells like vine-ripened tomatoes, and you have to wear a cup over it because people try to put their fingers in it while you're playing sports.

Its speed is 180psi, and yours makes ssdfhshshhsshshshshshshsssshhhhhh sound, only without a d. You can use a turkey thermometer and baster to find the psi of your midway.

Having sex in the midway is acceptable, though some cops will arrest you for doing it.
Do you have to shave your midway? Kevin Olli does.
by Not Kevin Olli November 19, 2008
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an area in florida that is a town, but is so small that it is not even acknowledged as a town, but more as a large neighborhood. it is even smaller than gulf breeze, the smallest town in florida. it is located between the town of gulf breeze and the city of navarre, and is like a ghetto.
midway is really fucking small
by john mayes June 14, 2008
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A really crappy internet Forum that is filled with spammers and retards. It is run by a Troll woman named Sheyla who will call the SWAT on you if you make clone accounts. It has been attacked numerous times and many riots happen there,so they hire retarded people like Echo77 and Fused Chameleon,who are complete idiots. Usually big fads like Owls, and Objections happen, but then Sheyla the troll bans them all 1137 like.

The forum is constantly in war with a superior site, called ISB.
Wow,that site is so horrible, it's like Midway!
by Marluxia March 21, 2007
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A company that can't make good racing games aside from the S.F. Rush series, and plain sucks at light gun games.
by dj_gs68 November 03, 2003
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