8 definitions by YouBeLion

A young boy who believes in any article, even if it says that people in Canada are called Americans.
Hey don't be Banhmi, or else I will have to question that brain of yours.
by YouBeLion March 22, 2018
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When a person does not understand how to say harmful chemical. Instead she mixes it up like a derp and says harmical
there were many harmicles used during lab class
by YouBeLion March 09, 2015
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An idiot who can't math correctly, who says one hour and sixty minutes instead of saying two hours. He also thinks two hours is 300 min which makes you type thinking. You might as well call him gerald instead
What's the total for my food? And don't be a Jerald please he makes me go off off off.
by YouBeLion February 21, 2017
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for idiots that are trying to say status? or stats. or statistics. fucking EU teeth people.
NINI wanted to find out her streaming statu since it made her sad.
by YouBeLion October 09, 2020
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Is when a person takes years to reply back to another person, and makes up ridiculous excuses
Lixy just answered me after two months and said she was busy eating dinner, she's such an exclusive remedy.
by YouBeLion February 21, 2017
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A fat girl cat that generally eats everything in her line of sight
We can't afford a fananabanana or else we will go broke
by YouBeLion July 23, 2016
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Similar to someone giving you blue balls but they stream instead and ends right when you are about to come hang out in the stream
That streamer fananabanana gave me blue stream last night
by YouBeLion August 02, 2016
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