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The act of makin someone (or something) a moron, one moron more on earth

What happens to you when lookin at MTV
Bush moronizes all those American crackers with his retarded speech

My sister got moronized last night. She watched that Brad Pitt´s shit during 6 hours!
by Yo Daddy, bitch! February 10, 2005
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Drunk/Dirty Bitch Party - Social event where girls tend to drink too much, they start doing crazy horny things like dancin topless, spillin beer over their tasty booties and givin free blowjobs. Usually ends when all them get totally KO by drinkin, or fuckin...
Frank: OMG, Rosie showed off her bombastic headlights on last Friday´s DBP!
Randall : Yo sucka, yo mamma gimme that juicy blowjob, same DBP
by Yo Daddy, bitch! February 10, 2005
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1.Super Hot British Model, once an average porn-nude cover girl, she gained popularity as she pumped her breasts to a bombastic 42 DD or something. This fact, plus her girly/sluty face and tasty legs, made her a Playboy Bunny. She wants to be a singer, but she really sucks in this field. Also known as Jordan, because she was in the Jordan Racing Team.
Ben: Have ya seen that Katie Price on the Playboy Celeb Special!?
Mark: Yeah, she´s so hot I´ve spilled almost a gallon last nite!
by Yo Daddy, bitch! February 11, 2005
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