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A tweakersaurous is a tweaker who is "on one." Generally, it is a drug user who is talking in circles or about something petty in an overly animated manner.
Girl 1: loudly yelling about things mysteriously disappearing while stomping through the house.

Girl 2: What's up with Stacey?

Girl 3: She's just a tweakersaurous, leave her be.
by YepShesCrazy November 1, 2018
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A good looking thot who makes it known
that she sells her body (prostitutes) in order to feed a drug addiction.
1: How many thots could his shop stock, if his shop could stock prostithots?
2: It'd stock as many thots as his sad store could stock, if his store could stock prostithots.

1: I don't have money but give me 10 minutes and meet me upstairs.

2: Sorry, I'm not into dope whores.
1: I'm just a prostithot.
by YepShesCrazy November 1, 2018
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A small balled up piece of cotton, usually found on a spoon or other device that has been used to inject illegal drugs. The cotton ball is used as a filter after a drug has been cooked in a spoon. It is dropped into the bowl of the spoon to strain the liquid and weed out any chunks of impurities that have not melted. The needle and syringe then extract the liquid through the cotton filter to inject. Leftover balls of cotton are sometimes hoarded by the drug user for later use, or to swallow when desperate for a high.
Amy is at it again, her drawer was filed with spoon ticks again.
by YepShesCrazy November 1, 2018
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A trashy female who has no job and spends all her money on the slot machines at the casino. She will go from one section of the slot machines to another, hitting on unsuspecting men. The common slot lizard will sell their body for a room and some cash for the slot machines, but the slickest and seasoned slot lizard will schmooze the sucker of her picking out of cash without doing much of anything.
Jess ain't nothin' but a fuckin' slot lizard these days.
by YepShesCrazy June 21, 2020
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A person who is so high they don't know what they are talking about.
Person 1: (looking up at the stars) Oh my God!
Person 2: (jumps, startled) What?!
Person 1: It moved!

Person 2: What moved?

Person 1: That one! It's a drone! We need to get out of here..! Nobody is safe... Let's go!

Person 2: Do wha--?

Person 1: (packing car up) Hurry! They're gonna get us!

Person 2: (following Person 1, rolling eyes) You're such a twackadactle.
by YepShesCrazy November 1, 2018
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