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how you say "Motherfucker" in Panjabi. pronounced: Mah-Dah-Chowl.
Andy: Hey Bossman, you need me to work today?
Bossman: No Madachole, take the day off
Andy: Thanks Madachole, see ya later!
Bossman: Bye
by Ya Boy Trax August 2, 2010
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the result of drinking too much, or preferably scotch. when the victim falls asleep, they get a ballsack slapped on their wrist, thus the notorious Scotch Watch
Frat Boy 1:Dude, Jerry passed out!
Frat Boy 2: dude, it's a perfect time to give him a Scotch Watch!
Frat Boy 1: Ehh, you're right, he's a pledge anyway
by Ya Boy Trax June 14, 2010
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the term used to describe a state of chillin or hanging out, or can be used to say that I'm not going anywhere, therefore posted like the mailman.
Tom:what up man?, what you doing?
Derik:not shit, I'm posted like the mailman
Tom: you're lame man, you always say that
Derik: Fuck you!, I'm on house arrest the next 3 months!!!!!
by Ya Boy Trax August 30, 2010
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the cheap ass candy you can buy at a value price due to our struggling economy, not full priced, but a value discount, a must have.
Andy- man, I got a buck left and I am hungry!!!
Mike- get some recession candy
Andy- you're right, they are only 69 cents!
Mike- perfect for yo broke ass!
by Ya Boy Trax September 1, 2010
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the sudden, unexpected boner you get for no apparent reason. can be brought on due to no stimulation of the penis, just no reason.can be abbreviated as NRB.
Fred:so, I was sitting in the class the other day and I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and I got up and had a no reason boner!
Rick: That shit's funny dawg, did the teacher see you?
Fred:Yah!, along with the whole classroom too!, I was embarassed!
by Ya Boy Trax July 4, 2010
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The act you perform when you blow off your homies for a hot ass chick when deep down your homies are being jealous of you cause you're kickin it with the girl they want which in conclusion. Its a justifiable blow off
Andy: so they are definitely mad I pulled a justifiable blow off, but I really don't give a fuck
Kevin: hey, its all good, gotta blow off the homies every now and then for a chick
Andy:oh, it was definitely worth it!!!
by Ya Boy Trax August 8, 2010
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The sense of urgency you get when you're not around any hot chicks when normally you are, which can lead to symptoms such as boredom,increased testoserone levels,unexplainable stress,overindulgence of alcohol and or marijuana.
Andy:damn I am so bored!
Mike:Is that why you're on your third beer
Andy:that and I'm suffering from like a 2 day hot chick withdrawl
Mike: I think they got a pill for that now
by Ya Boy Trax June 26, 2010
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