The act of pressing just about all the buttons on the game controller in a desperate attempt not to get your ass kicked at Marvel vs. Capcom. Often used when someone has never played a videogame before and doesn't know the commands. Sometimes used because it's cheap.
I would've beaten him at Soul Calibur if he hadn't been button mashing the whole time.
by Sabrabbit June 28, 2004
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What most people do while playing soul calibur. When a person doesn't now how to play a fighting games and just randomly presses as many buttons as they can. Usually the people who do this think they're really good at the game even though its really cheap.
Shoshana thinks she kicks ass but she really just is a damn button masher.
by beppo March 16, 2005
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When a skateboarder tries to land tricks they know for a fact they cannot do in a game of S.K.A.T.E. or any other skate competition.
Onlooker 1: Did you see what that kid was trying?
Onlooker 2: He knows he couldn't land that on his best day, kid's straight up button mashing.
by ShredwardGnar March 29, 2013
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The act of rapidly pressing/hitting controller button(s) or (a) keyboard to play the game. Often frowned upon due to it's possibility of damaging the controller/keyboard.
"My friend beat his record by button mashing the entire time."
by Just a Guy February 8, 2012
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1. rapidly pressing buttons in a game

2.pressing buttons without a sense of what they do
Marcus was button-mashing trying to acheive a combo in the game
by UltPowerx March 9, 2012
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The act of trying anything to get a person with a vagina (or penis!) to feel pleasure, but having absolutely no experience or knowledge doing and you're too shy to ask so your hand/s are just flailing about doing whatever.
Person 1: "Man, I had the worst sex imaginable last night."
Person 2: "What happened?"
Person 1: "My fling was clearly inexperienced. Just button mashing me."
Person 2: "So they didn't ask what you liked? Why didn't you say anything?"
Person 1: "I was shy and embarrassed..."
by Agoraphobic chad April 1, 2022
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