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Man who wants to inspect your tits.
Hello, I'm the vacuum cleaner man. I'm here to inspect your, uh, your tits.
by Your moms face April 05, 2014
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when you have nothing else better to say in a conversation. And makes the person your talking to think that your on something. Its a beautiful thing.
or as a more boring definition... someone that flips chicken..
anytime randumly when talking to someone... CHICKEN FLIPPER!!
or... we need more "chicken flippers" for the BBQ
by your moms face July 06, 2006
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SMALLLLLLLLLLL village of animals in south-central Pennsylvania south of york filled with Baltimore-wannabees that have never lived anywhere close to the actual city of Baltimore. The whitest place on earth. Filled with hood posers who think they are G-d up, think they're sparsely-populated neighborhoods are "ghetto" just because none of the buildings rise above 1 story, and are all rich stupid white trash.

The coolest people in Shrewsbury are the normal people who were raised there. Actualy, most of the fags there move there from the SUBURBS of Baltimore, NEVER the city. That is why they are all hood posers. Common places of ancestry in the place include, but are not limited to : "P-hall!!(Perry Hall...),Dirty D(dundalk...),Woodlawn my nigga!(i lived in cationsville but im going to act like im from woodlawn cuz its the same thing except with some rich black people).

Most of these people are stuck-up, think they are either rich or poor, when all of them are actualy just middle class. People here are EXTREMELY racist, with the only black people there living in Big houses by the "Wal-Mart", which, by the way, is the #2 hangout spot there, next to the "Townhouse hood" down the road (god please save me).

Almost everybody there does drugs, for they are rich and have not a care in the world and have the money to spend on them from their mommy and daddys' wallets. Everybody drives nice cars, except for about 3 people, whom are all white trash. Yet they are still RICH. WTF??!! There are redneck POSERS TOO!! WTF!!! They claim to be redneck yet don't even have the true heritage of a redneck; they just call themselves that to make up for the fact they live in the MIDDLE OF FUCKIN NOWHERE!!!

The public high school, susquehandoncock, could literally be considered a Private Rural County school, with only 3% of the students needing reduced lunch. There are TWELVE minority students out of a school of 1,300. TRY TO SAY THAT IN MARYLAND, SEE HOW HARD THEY THINK U R PUNKS...
FUCK SHREWSBURY fuck you hood poser faggots come to all our neighborhoods down here and get fuked up u fukin wigger-ass faggots punkass pussies u are all clowns i laugh at ur tactics
by YOUR MOMs FACE November 21, 2007
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Harford County is a rather small county in North-central maryland, inbetween Baltimore and Cecil counties and boarding Lancaster and York counties of PA to the north.

A place that can be defined as two COMPLETELYYYYY different counties as far as life there goes.
Here's a key for you:
North of I95=Harford County
South of I95=Towns that are nothing like the rest of Harford County, more like mini-baltimores, except cleaner and smaller.

Places like Bel Air are examples of the ideal idea of American Suburban life; places like Fallston and Jarrettsville are examples of hick-filled small villages as the ones found in south-central PA; and places like Edgewood Havre de Grace and Aberdeen house all the minority residents of the county, and are part of a completely different world.

Havre de Grace and Aberdeen are two cities that kind of feed off of each other. If you live in one of them, you're going to know people in the other. Havre de Grace is a waterfront community, and has an extremely old-fashioned grid-style downtown, while Aberdeen is more like a rural-community gone Urban, while Edgewood is just a rather notoriously "high-crime" suburb of Bel Air, next to Joppatowne. 99% of the crime in the county happens in these places, as well as events all-together. Fortunately, they are still rather clean places when put next to Baltimore.

North of I95 communities are extremely white, suburban/rural, and ideal to just that. Everywhere outside of Bel Air in the north, in fact, is rural and has no commercial importance whatsoever. That is why people view harford county this way. For some god-forsaken reason, they chose a rather useless small little suburb as the county seat, as opposed to the oldest city in Maryland HdG or Aberdeen. Common sense; who is(are) the retard(s) who did that?

Now while the two 'cities', Aberdeen and Havre de Grace are extroadinarily small as far as cities go, with a combined area containing 40,000 people, they are independent and actualy function rather well. HdG used to be a rather poor antique community, but the council actualy did something and built over 3 new communities, as well as the fact that they actualy replaced entire Section 8 housing communities with new housing, and it has been expanding unbelievably within the last 4 years. Aberdeen has a crapload of shops, and is moreso the commercial stronghold of the county alongside Bel Air, however, while Havre de Grace is probably the Industrial equivelant.

Back to everybody's least favorite aspect of the county, however: North of I95 is, as reputed, EXTREMELY HICKISH!!! For god's sake, the ratio of north harford county is about 100,000 white people, 1,000 black people. Were it not for the South communities, it WOULD most DEFNITELY be 99.99999999999999% white. The KKK reign surpreme in places like Forest Hill and Jarettsville, as they do in Cecil County.

South is pretty cool.
North sucks balls.
You've been warned.
Harford County is like a mix between Beverly Hills, Texas, and Mini-Baltimore.
by YOUR MOMs FACE November 21, 2007
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