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An inferior version of Yonkers. The northern half of Mount Vernon is a boring area called Fleetwood that looks like a clone of New Rochelle. The south side is a hellhole ghetto with like 2 white people which adjoins the similar Wakefield section of the Bronx.
Yonkers has 25 distinct neighborhoods. Mount Vernon just has Fleetwood. Who's more culturally sophisticated?
by YO Man June 24, 2004

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A boring, phony, sterile "city" in Westchester. Has a lot of malls though little culture, flavor, or character to it. Basically a more built-up version of affluent suburbia, calling it a "city" is misleading.
White Plains just seems to perfect to me...it seems more planned than evolved, unlike Yonkers, a haphazard mess of everything.
by YO Man December 25, 2004

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