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The age at which one finally feels that the drinking age is actually somewhere in sight.
by YO Man July 09, 2004

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A northern Westchester version of Scarsdale. It's rich too, but due to its more remote location is more mild-mannered and less well known than Scarsdale. Is a hamlet in the Town of New Castle; it is not actually a municipality.
The Clintons should have moved to Lower Westchester instead of a gay place like Upper Westchester.
by YO Man July 12, 2004

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The reason why Westchester and Long Island are downstate and Rockland is upstate has nothing to do with urbanization or location, but rather historical connection to New York City. The Bronx used to be part of Westchester County until the late 19th century and much of Westchester's nomenclature still exists in the Bronx today; the Eastchester neighborhood used to be part of the present-day Town of Eastchester; there is an Eastchester Bay and Westchester Creek in the Bronx, as well as an Eastchester Road, White Plains Road, and Westchester Square. There is a Town of Pelham in Westchester as well as Pelham Bay Park, Pelham Bay, and Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. Also, there is a Bronx River and Bronx River Parkway running through the Bronx and Lower Westchester. However, by this method Upper Westchester might qualify as upstate because it really is not involved in the Bronx/Lower Westchester history, and has some upstate names (e.g. "-on Hudson","-kill" as in Peekskill).

Nassau County used to be part of Queens and that is apparent based on similar names on both sides of the city line. Little Neck is in Queens adjacent to Great Neck in Nassau County. There's an East Rockaway in Nassau and Far Rockaway in Queens. Also, some towns in Nassau on the Queens border have the same name as the QUeens neighborhoods on the other side, like Floral Park and Bellerose. Furthermore, many zip codes straddle the Queens-Nassau border.

Rockland has none of those. It does not border any borough of NYC nor share any history with it. In fact, Rockland County used to be part of Orange County (which is upstate according to most Rockland County residents) until about 1800. This is why Orangetown is in Rockland County.
Nobody seriously believes Rockland County is rural or far from the city, it just has no historical connection to the city, which Westchester and Nassau Counties do.
by YO Man July 16, 2004

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a very hyper and wasted fly
yo man whos your daddy Im your daddy you wanna know why, because I did this to your momma, ya man you suck but your momma sweat, you suck but not as good as your momma though, IM SUPERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by YO MAN September 19, 2003

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Possibly the most pathetic town I've ever been to. People often say upstate New York is more like the Midwest than New York City; that statement is downright insulting to the Midwest. Binghamton is an absolute shithole. It's not even nearly as nice and all-American as the Midwest, and no where near as cool and exciting as New York City. Locals are a bunch of fat Southern-wannabe Walmart-shopping rednecks with Confederate flags on their pickups. Binghamton Chamber of Commerce actually BRAGS that Binghamton was once the New York State Ku Klux Klan headquarters. My God. There's fucking one famous person to ever come out of Binghamton, Rod Serling, and they act like Serling is Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. BIG FUCKING DEAL! You know how many famous people came from New York City area! Like 75% of all celebrities!!! Binghamton is extremely one-dimension geographically. The whole city is Main St, and little side streets off Main St. In neighboring Vestal, everything is on the Vestal Parkway. That's it. By the way the food in Binghamton sucks. Upstate people really have no clue when it comes to food (except for wings though, that is ONE contribution Upstate NY made to society). It's also colder than southern Alaska in the winter. Whoopey.
If Spiedies are so fucking great why has no one ever heard of them? If they were actually good, why no national recognition?
by YO Man June 30, 2004

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A mountainous version of the Midwest. Country life at its worst. Upstate is very distinctive looking from other similar areas (Western Pennsylvania, the Midwest, New England) and it all looks exactly the same.
Two places upstate 50 miles apart look more like each other than two places in Yonkers two BLOCKS apart.
by YO Man July 27, 2004

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A county in NY that everyone except itself seems to regard as part of a depressed region known as Upstate New York. While that may not be entirely accurate, Rockland county is an outer-suburban wasteland, not even on par with Westchester in terms of wealth and urbanization (as sad as that sounds.) However, it does have some Sopranos fame; Ralph Cifaretto's head was buried in Sloatsburg and Adriana was whacked by Silvio in a forest in Ramapo.
Rockland is literally and figuratively between Jersey and Upstate, though not quite either.
by YO Man June 30, 2004

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