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An exclamation used by immature gamers in many online games.

Sometimes used as an abbrevation of "What the fuck, Owned," but not necessarily.
"OMMFG, we were WTFPWNED!"
by Xeno January 7, 2004
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Ah, the general morons that inhabit England; they seem concentrated around the Northern areas, like a modern era barbarian/amoeba hybrid.

Characterised by their clothes, consisting of tracksuits. Logos are a must; also, a recent tread is to wear a hat at the odd angles, AND have a hood up at the same time. In broad daylight. Suspicions are rising that they are going nocturnal.

Another characteristic is the speech. They try to be 'gangsta muthafuggas', taken from American culture. Hey, what do you know; it WAS Rap. Also any phrases (or noises) are taken from popular TV shows. Like 'Bo Selecta', a comedy show. They have a penchant for the word "mint".

Examples of Towny 'speech'

"PROPA NAAARH" <==> "Proper no."
"YA SHTARTIN ME" <==> "You wanna start a fight?"
"PROPA BO" <==> "Wow, that's awesome."
"UEEEH!" <==> No translation. It could be a mating call.

Behaviours consists of:

* Walking into your shoulders, claiming you wanna start a fight, even if they had to come across the road to bump into your shoulders.
* Generally takin' drugs and getting drunk every night, getting rowdy and starting fights.

the list goes on.
they also do not like anyone who does not conform to their ways.

Sample Research was taken from the North Eastern Breed of towny.
<Townie> "You called me yesterday, didn't ya!? ****in *******!"
<Me> "...do I know you?"
<Townie> "PROPER NAH."
*At which point his friends come over.*
<Me> Sigh -_-.
by Xeno March 14, 2004
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A term for one's asshole. Coined by Marc M. of Sick Animation in his song "I Ain't Scared."
"I ain't scared of shit on my dick when I'm fucking that bitch in her motherfuckin' shit slit. I ain't scared of gettin' poo on my weiner from a Mexican slut down in South Pasadena."
by Xeno January 20, 2008
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When someone makes a various motion with their hands.
"He just splurted into a thisword motion"
by Xeno March 21, 2003
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An alcoholic beverage composed of spare liquor, semen, and sugar.
Priest Charles can mix a fine glass of jack off juice for the altar boys.
by Xeno June 27, 2006
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The act of removing oneself from a group, to secede.
Southerners advocated secession from the Union.
by Xeno July 23, 2004
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An indirect reference to the catastrophes that occur as a result of Mike Schweitser's speaking.
When Mike speaks, buildings fall and worlds end, unable to cope with the utter stupidity and incoherance.
by Xeno May 1, 2003
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