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Slang term for homosexual, usualy one who is flamboyantly flaming
Guy A- Want to know an easy way to make a thousand dollars?
Guy B- How?
Guy A- Suck a Cock
Guy B- Wow your such a faggot
by word March 01, 2005
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Not a college, but a university and not located in Boston, but just outside. A prestigious Jesuit institution that is very competitive, and is referred to as BC for short.
Student 1: I'm so excited I got into BC!
Student 2: Whatever...I'm going to Boston University.
Student 1: Really? Sucks to B.U.!!
by WorD October 14, 2004
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Jibz - propper noun - a south african chatter on irc (its a VERY rare occurance to find an african with internet.)
Jibz you are probally the coolest guy i know.
by word July 31, 2004
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Of course...this is yet another word for the WONG...the male reproductive organ.
My football headed yogurt slinger survived many a journey.

"Hey look at that guy's football headed yogurt slinger...sick man"
by Word July 06, 2004
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indian term meaning buffalo
"Hey im from Bhes, New York
by Word August 18, 2003
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A term often used at the Peddie school when someone looks out of place or dirty, generally used in reference to townies. Sometimes used to describe places.
Look at that punk with dirty hair, he's so sketchy
by word April 09, 2004
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To unleash the fury is to let go of a mounting ammount of tension in a manual sexual manner. In other words, masturbation. Therefore Unleashing the Fury would be used after long periods of non sexual activities
"Man, I've unleashed so much fury last night you have no idea"

"Unleash the fury mitch! doing!"
by word July 03, 2003
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