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Phrase invented by east coast rappers Mobb Deep to signify someone who acts hardcore until they actually have to deal with the reality of "the life of diamonds and guns". A coward who is shaken up by the harshness of innner city life.
"He ain't a crook, son. He just a shook one." - Mobb Deep
by Wooten July 10, 2004

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Phrase used by east coast rappers Mobb Deep in a song of the same name. To drop a gem on someone is to out freestyle them, make a better beat than them, or have a better flow than them.
"Man, don't even front, I dropped a gem on you."
by Wooten July 12, 2004

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One who exaggerates all things to the highest degree. Exaggeration cannot pass this point, because it is at max.
* Player 2 scores 1 goal in a hockey game. *

Player 1: GOod game man!
Player 2: Thanks! Can't believe i scored 8 goals!
Player 1: wtf mate
by Wooten September 29, 2004

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To do a sit-up with your eyes closed. Usually a prank in wich one party bets another party they cannot do a sit-up with their eyes closed. When the second party tries to complete this task the first party pulls down their pants and places their buttocks where the face of the second party will be upon completing the sit up. This always results in hilarity for the first party and a brown nose for the second.
Aww i can't believe dave did a blind sit-up!
by Wooten December 07, 2003

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