Kidnapping a person and having them bound with a form of tape i.e duct tape, packaging tape.
Roz: Yo that dude is loaded, I dunno what he's doin around here.

C-Lo: He's gonna fuck around and get taped up.

Roz: Yeah, we could get some serious paper off his pops.

C-Lo: No doubt.
by Got it for the Low March 3, 2009
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Also known as a taper. A type of haircut originally attributed to young urban black men and then popularized by 5th generation 16-26 year old Italian-Americans living in the New York/New Jersey suburbs. It is like a fade that stops right above the ear and about 2-3 inches above the neckline, allowing the hair on the rest of the head to be longer. If taken to the next level, by meticulously putting 3 pounds of gel onto the scalp and twisting locks of hair into "spikes," it becomes a blow out. Accessories required to complete the "neo-guido" look: Black Armani Exchange/FCUK sleeveless shirt, Diesel Jeans, Armani Exchange belt, tasteless "jewel" encrusted necklace and/or watch, white Nike Air Force Ones, orange tan in the middle of December, waxed eyebrows, fake Brooklyn accent, IQ less than 90, Nextel permanently flipped open and implanted into the right hand, entry level luxury car or "hooked-up" ricer with italian flag reflector above the rear fender, Growing up Gotti Season One DVD. Italian heritage not necessary.
Tape up #1: Yo son im goin to da club with John Gotti tonite, nigga.
Tape up #2: Yo getdafuckouttahea nigga, you gotta show up to traffic court tonite for doin' 75 in a 20 in the G35 your mafioso father bought you.
Tape up #1: It's arite man my uncle Vincenzo is the prosecuta, ima be good son!
Tape up #2: Word, son! Hit up that nigga Gotti!
Tape up #1: Yo I was lyin son, I dont know him. I just wanted you to think I was da shit. I gotta stay home tonite anyway. Grandma made lasagna.
Tape up #2:..............yo your a pussy, kid.
Tape up #1: I know.....son.
by Tony Rigatoni June 24, 2005
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Hairstyle popularized by URBAN teens in the 5 boroughs of new york. Then later copied poorly and taken credit by suburban teens mainly in Long Island and New Jersey. The hairstyle consists of a very light fade rising from the bottom of the sideburns and back of the neck. This allows for all sorts of different styles with the hair on top, very popular is the blow out. The blow out is where the hair on top is pulled in all directions to get spikes in all directions..
Long Island Kid #1 : Yo I just saw this kid in brooklyn with this sick haircut called a "tape-up".. I think im gonna get it too...

Long Island Kid #2 : iight if it looks good imma copy it..

Long Island Kid #1 : Yeah then we can take credit for something that city kids have been rocking forever.... cause were from long island and we suck...
by kris t. July 18, 2006
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the freshest cut ever... faded on the sides and back, sometimes used with the blowout but cut short a lot of the time. needs to get touched up every two weeks or more.
Charles: What kind of cut is that? It's fresh!
G'z: It's a tape up bro, tha ladiez love it!
by GMONAY November 12, 2006
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A term used to suggest the act of taping up ones vagina to get over any issue to allow for fun to be had.
Please, tape it up so we can go out to the club.
by Brown One April 8, 2010
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A chick that becomes {rude} and nasty for no reason to another chick. Unexpected behavior from a formerly decent female.
Against her natural nature she drops them down {balls} after being prodded by another meaner and nastier chick. I guess her's were taped up and out of the way!
by madderenell August 25, 2009
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To have the courage and will to overcome a lack of motivation.
To become motivated.
"I don't feel like drinking beer tonight."
Man, Bobby, Tape those tits up, grow a sack, and drink a beer.
by Donny mallox August 16, 2017
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