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any person who has a wide mix of european ancestory.
most americans are euromutts.
tom: i am french, swiss, english, german, irish, and finnish.
ben: i guess that makes u a real euromutt!
by rhys April 09, 2004
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A native of North America, usually the United States, whose ancestors hail from more than 2 separate European countries.
"I'm a Euro Mutt - I'm French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Scottish."
by Alexiele September 24, 2006
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A racial slur against the general Caucasian population. Most often applies to North Americans of mixed decent since they have no actual one ethnic background they are acutally "mutt" of European decent.
Man Dave is from Half Irish, Half British and Half Polish decent, he's a Euro-Mutt.
by Orange September 21, 2003
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