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Breasts, particularly the female variety. Australian in origin (i think)
Whoarr - check out the norks on that Shelia
by Wolly November 01, 2002

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Emission of noxious gasses from the anus, most common on the morning after a lager and curry fest
Nigel was so nervous he bottom burped throughout his first date.
by Wolly November 01, 2002

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Halitosis (bad breath). One who has halitosis.
Get away from me, farty breath.
by Wolly November 01, 2002

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An ancient greek martial art which has been modernized by Matt Hume, as a form of full contact fighting. (MMA) Ex: UFC, Pride FC, King of the Cage. Legalities are knees, elbows, chokes, jointlocks, and punches to the face.
"Dude, that guys CRAAAAAAZZZZY. He must pankration"
by Wolly April 06, 2004

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That one friend everyone has who no one really likes because they push you into walls also can mean a friend who you two fuck around alot
jim and i were walking and he pushed me in a wall and i shouted you fucking wallopson
by wolly October 23, 2013

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