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The polar opposite of (and often directly caused by) draco in leather pants, whereby fandom demonizes a previously likeable, good character, often for the sake of shipping.

The origin of the name comes from Harry Potter fandom, in which fanfic writers shipping Hermione with characters other than her canon love interest, Ronald Weasley (or Ron), would often include some terribly contrived arc in which Ron goes insane from Hermione dumping him, and promptly joins the villains of the series, the Death Eaters, thus making it easier for readers to sympathise with Hermione's choice and hence the ship of choice.
Perfect, non-HP example of Ron the death eater in action:

In 2002, the second series of the Pokemon anime saw a cast change, in which one of the three main characters, Misty (who was heavily shipped with one of the other main characters, specifically Ash), was swapped for a younger model, May. Cue dozens of gratuitous rapefics written in May's dishonour. Voila: May the death eater.
by WolfsbaneT9 January 4, 2013
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Girls you have sex with on and off whilst you're looking for the one you want to go out with.
Georgia: Duncan and Siobhan slept together again last night. Do you think they're gonna go out?

Rafe: Nah, Duncan fancies Jodi, not her. Siobhan's just his sidechick.
by WolfsbaneT9 August 7, 2013
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When it feels as if you have a cigarette lodged behind your ear, even though you don't. Commonly experienced by smokers who often hold cigs there temporarily. Also known as a phantom fag (in the UK).
Two people go for a smoke; smoker A pulls a cig out from behind their ear and lights up.

Smoker B: *checks pockets* "Aw shit. Hey mate, do you mind if I borrow one?"

Smoker A: Oh sure *checks ear despite fag already in hand* oh wait, I'm already smoking that one. Stupid phantom cig.
by WolfsbaneT9 January 27, 2014
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The Snapewives (singular: Snapewife) were a collection of middle-aged women who worshipped the character Severus Snape, of Harry Potter fame, as a being on the astral plane. This cult was primarily focused online, though informal, real-life meet up (Snapecons?) have occurred.

The cult of the Snapewives was most active around the mid-late noughties, especially during 2007, though devoted blogs can still be found with posts as last as 2010.

Practices of the Snapewives include: building domestic &/or online shrines to Snape; making collages of Snape; photoshopping pictures of oneself and Snape together; marrying oneself to Snape, complete with wedding vows and faked photos; writing disturbing Snape-focused fanfiction or poetry (bonus points for including a self-insert to do dirty things with Snape); writing letters to Snape; discussing Snape with other Snapewives (bonus points for rationalising away all his flaws, and insisting he's a poor woobie who just needs a hug); attempting to channel the "spirit of Snape", especially popular with group meetings.

The most (in)famous 'wives include SeverelyObsessed/Lady Darkness, and Snapemaniac, though both are quite inactive nowadays, and many of the forums and blogs hey started have been taken down. The whole hilarrible fiasco has been well documented on JournalFen at www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1015949.html?thread=134403469#t134403469
Alice: Bob, quick, you have to see this! Some livejournal user just wrote a fanfiction about her and Severus Snape being set on fire whilst having sex!

Bob: God-damned Snapewives ...
by WolfsbaneT9 August 7, 2012
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