Someone (or something) that has been rebuked by God as being unholy and beyond salvation.

Also spelled "goddamned" by the ignorant.
All y'all God-damned motherfuckers are gunna' die!
by nihil8r March 17, 2004
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Swear words are like liquor, only good when mixed with the same.
Where is the god damn god damn? god damn it.
by Michael Gieco January 30, 2009
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an expression beavers use when their dam breaks
God damn it, our god damn dam broke again...FUCK IT
by green giant March 9, 2003
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by buythemug November 6, 2022
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plea for god to damn someone or something.
god damn theresa for being a butthole.
by ian March 6, 2005
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Why would God create something, and then damn it?
by Skip Tickmann December 7, 2006
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