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A man who cares a whole lot for a woman because she is smart, articulate, charismatic,and beautiful even though he thinks she has misled and manipulated him.
Boy, this guy's a complete Kataholic about that English chick.
by windsorgirl September 12, 2010

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The name for the insulting screeds of a cyber-bully who sends around nasty comments on the internet about people who he doesn't like and about what they do.
I just got a 100 page Korski about my new girlfriend.
by windsorgirl October 27, 2010

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Skinny kid who thinks he's smart and who'll never grow up but loves bukkake with drunken, hypomanic English chicks.
Hey Kat, who's the skinny otter who'll j on your f tonight.
by Windsorgirl August 13, 2010

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On any evening in English city centers heavily inebriated girls clothed bizarrely in beach frocks or skirts and heels that would embarrass professional hookers stagger around, fall and lie horizontally in what emergency personnel coming to the scene call the "dead Kat bounce."
Another night, another dead Kat bounce.
by Windsorgirl September 08, 2010

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Female version of a Gekko: someone who is superficially attractive even charming but ruthless in using and abusing other people for personal ends, especially greed and success.
The glass ceiling will have gone when a Haigh successfully screws a Gekko.
by windsorgirl August 31, 2010

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Boys infatuated with an English nympho who leads them on a merry old chase before they get their way with her.
The hounds are loose in Windsor Park; they'll find her soon.
by Windsorgirl September 03, 2010

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After drinking excessively, the state of feeling as if limb muscles and the central nervous system are disengaged from one another and that this might be the onset of some truly debilitating disease like MS or ALS but is in fact just a symptom of the DTs.
Maybe it was the six bottles of wine I drank last night that made me feel so Katatonic or maybe I am about to die of a massive failure of my nervous system.
by Windsorgirl September 07, 2010

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