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(n.) A technique where a photographer raises the camera high above his head to get a picture of the crowd surrounding him. Very popular up until the sixties when the Rolleiflex cameras of the day permitted viewing from below on their groundglass finders, now re-gaining popularity because the swiveling LCD screen on many digital cameras allows the same maneuver.

Since he could't find a ladder or step-stool, the wedding photographer took several hail mary shots of the crowd.
by Williewanka September 23, 2006
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(noun) Indian Army slang for a situation that is a total mess, derived from "fuckup"
"Sir, we don't want to be in Iraq in any capacity at all-it's a big FUP."
by Williewanka September 11, 2006
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all fucked-up. Term used on the Indian subcontinent for a woman who has been screwed by too many people and gotten that certain overused, worn-out look.

You don't want to marry her, man, she's all fup'd.
by Williewanka September 9, 2006
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A pretty looking girl in cloths, but when the cloths come off you are in for a big surprise, hanging skin, maybe stretch marks
I was in a club, I met this girl, thought she was young, got home, took off her cloths, and man she was a T.Nirdlinger. I banged her anyway......
by Williewanka March 15, 2006
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(n.) Slang for a photographer, particularly an avid photographer, derived from "shutter," the camera's light-admitting mechanism.

This used to be a peaceful place ten years ago until all these shutterbugs discovered it, and now they're simply crawling all over it.
by Williewanka September 17, 2006
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