(n.) Slang for a photographer, particularly an avid photographer, derived from "shutter," the camera's light-admitting mechanism.

This used to be a peaceful place ten years ago until all these shutterbugs discovered it, and now they're simply crawling all over it.
by Williewanka September 17, 2006
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A photographer or someone who likes taking pictures.
"Now party people in the club it's time to cut a rug and throw the deuce up in the sky just for all the shutterbugs." -Big Boi of Outkast
by pheNyx May 2, 2010
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1. Slang for photographer

2. A person who takes a camera everywhere they go and takes pictures of everything and anything also endlessly gets friends (if they have any) to pose and do random and weird things they normally wound never do unless drunk

3. A person (probably a girl) who takes hundreds of pictures of themselves pulling faces in front of a mirror
1. x: Dude i just love taking pictures of artistic looking things

y: i think your turning into a shutterbug

2a. x: Hey look at that tree, that is one awesome tree...

y: No, its just a tree. your such a shutterbug!

3: x: Ugh! look at denises new pics on facebook

y: I know she was sexy but now shes just a shutterbug
by Cookie848 December 18, 2010
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