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A derogatory or playful phrase used to ostracize or poke fun at the gynecomastia (real or perceived )of an overweight man.
"Hey Turkey Tits! Put down that ice cream and bring those floppers over here!"

"Well, good luck to that guy if he's trying to get married. He's got severe acne, a club foot, and the biggest turkey tits I've seen in a long while."
by WillHigh April 17, 2008
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A term popularized on the AOL Rap messageboards around 1999. It expounds more specifically on one of the functions of a "Captain Save-A-Hoe."

Basically, General Jumpinforabitch games/schemes on pussy in the manner of a highly specialized Captain-Save-a-Hoe. He's the guy who will relish the opportunity jump between a man and a woman fighting (verbally or otherwise) in order to curry favor with the woman:

"Hey! HEY!
Whatchoo doing, man?
That's a LADY you're talking to, right there!
Show some RESPECT!"

Generally, Generals end up getting shot.
"I'm arguing with my shorty over some money type shit, and it gets a a little heated.....All of a sudden General Jumpinforabitch pops up out of nowhere like: "Is everything all right here, Miss?" I broke my foot off in his ass and told him to tell his story walkin'....
by WillHigh April 17, 2008
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This phrase is a parody of the popular 1980's Pop song "Eye of the Tiger" by the group Survivor.

The phrase refers to the real or perceived propensity of a whigger toward violence and/or how his facial expression(s)/mannerism convey this suspicion/reality.
Yo...don't fuck with Mark, son...He's got the eye of the whigger!"
by WillHigh April 27, 2008
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large, saggy tits that hang disproportionately low, like those of an elderly woman
"WOW! Look at the bungee breasts on that slut over there! I bet her nipples touch her knees when that rack's not in cups!"
by WillHigh April 25, 2008
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An extreme and annoying nerd.
"I CAN NOT sit at a table with that fucknerd Josh and listen to him babble about action figures and emo music."
by Willhigh April 28, 2008
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A comical homage to the famed anthropologist of the same name,this phrase describes a man with a venereal disease causing his penis (dick aka Richard) to drip (leak) pus.
"Yo dawg....I wouldn't mess with Karen. She was seen a few times with Mike, and, Mike was seen at the free clinic, so he's most likely Richard Leakey. You don't think a 30 year-old goes to the free clinic for the sex ed class, do you? "
by WillHigh April 25, 2008
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Urban legend: An imaginary entity/being not unlike Santa Claus or The Tooth Fairy who visits faggots when they're sleeping, takes their ass cherry and then leaves them a shiny new quarter.
A. "Look at THAT fucking fruitloop."
B. "What...he's GAY?"
A. "If that guy didn't get a visit from the Keister Bunny, then I don't know who did..."
by WillHigh April 17, 2008
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