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A loving sex move that involves a man forcing his girl's head under the duvet as he lets a big smelly, eggy fart go and literally traps her in there. Almost like an oven, she literally cooks in the heat and sometimes loses conciousness (dependant on strength of the bum-cough). Often questioned 'why' this is sexual, the answer is not known.
'Did you see the ambulance round Big James Kendall's house? Aparently he 'dutch ovened' his girlfried on the back of a night out in a curry house. She nearly died, twice.'
by Will Atkinson March 17, 2008

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When a man rests his ballsack on the eyelids of his girlfriend, resulting in temporary blindness for her, but pleasure and ammusement for him.
'I can't believe Dave Bowers just totally gave his girlfiend a Spanish Blindfold - she was balllldeep blind!!'
by Will Atkinson March 13, 2008

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An old name for the 'down regions' of an old lady.

The use of the word 'slurp' comes from a Shakespearian reference when King Aurthur was said to 'slurp uponst thee that runs freely and with froth from the cunny of thy mother's mother', aparently referring to the frothy nature of his grandmother's lovejuice.

The term bucket is not confirmed, but is widely accepted to be a reference to the 'openning'.
Wakefield was pissed because Alice was passing round pictures of his Granny's Slurpbucket'. He's never been the same since.
by Will Atkinson April 07, 2008

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When you use your penis to flick shit at someone who you don't like.

It helps if you have wood at the time as it allows you to flick further.

Records dating back as far as 200BC indicate tha flicking was commonplace in Hungary.

Not suitable for people with small penises.
Dave was mad with Paul so he grabbed up some of Rosalind's poo and flicked him from up in his treehouse.

That was crazy - a true Hungarian Flick.
by Will Atkinson April 04, 2008

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