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shortened version of 'ever'.
like, homg! that was the best movie EVA! fer sure!!
by WibbleTheFisch September 13, 2006

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(adj) being in a state of stagnant animosity
Their vexidaisical feelings for the giants were rampent among the townspeople.
by WibbleTheFisch December 07, 2007

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to embellish with a turkey
Those GT kids gobbelish some hella sketchy words.
by WibbleTheFisch October 23, 2007

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to calm, to soothe; soften
Rebecca got a pedicure to petricure her aching feet.
by WibbleTheFisch November 11, 2007

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Gifted and Talented. It's a special program for kids that have a above average IQ and learn/think differently. In elementary, the GT kids usually go to a special class once a week and learn random things not taught in the regular curriculum.
Why does everybody think that the GT kids are so weird?
by WibbleTheFisch October 23, 2007

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