4 definitions by Whyareyousofuckingweird

When you go down on a guy, but he's got a thin dick and it's like slurping up some spaghetti with a side of meatballs
Mom: How was your date with David last night?

Sarah: Not the best, I had a spaghetti dinner.
by Whyareyousofuckingweird March 24, 2018
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When she choke holds you from the back seat of your car while jerking you off.
I thought I was getting car jacked, but then she pulled a Tucson strangler
by Whyareyousofuckingweird March 24, 2018
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When she rolls over during double penetration and both dicks get twisted together.
"...So last night we were trying some DP when all of a sudden she gives us a Ticonderoga tangler! Needless to say Fred and I won't be in to work till Thursday."
by Whyareyousofuckingweird June 4, 2018
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The anus. Butthole. Forbidden Cavern. Pleasure Pinhole. Etc.
We've been dating for 8 months and he still won't let me in the treasure dungeon. I might just have to surprise him for his birthday.
by Whyareyousofuckingweird February 21, 2021
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