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short form of "family" fam
Hey fam whats up
by WARREN May 17, 2003

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to slap someone with one's cock; to cockslap someone is to assert one's dominance/superiority. Also, girls like it when you do this to them.
"Hey dude, I don't have the money yet."
"Don't make me cockslap you!"
by warren November 26, 2002

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A sequence of moves executed to dodge something with exagerrated body movements.
I had three dodgeballs flying towards me at the same time. I did The Matrix on the first two, but got hit in the nuts by the third
by Warren November 14, 2003

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n. like sloppy seconds, but floppier, and the fourth time
by warren November 26, 2002

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Jump on da dick

Abbreviation used in the "J.O.D.D." track on Trick Daddy's Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets album(2004).
" Bitch, you better JODD before I take my money back! "
by Warren November 27, 2004

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70s slang meaning awesome or sweet
That is one bodatious babe!
by Warren March 09, 2005

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1:A performance in which a man puts his scrotum upon one's face then begins to hump quickly with force while yelling the words "Vasco da Gama."

2:Sexual abuse technique group(includes the infamous Hernando Cortez). Name originates from first use of the orignal technique, which was the first complete thought which came to the administer's head.1
Nathan was laying quietly on the couch when suddenly his peace was interruped by Matt's Vasco da Gama which left him scarred mentally.
by Warren April 12, 2004

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