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‘'J'’ is the only letter which can be pronounced in five{5} different ways, depending on its native language and how it is used; in order of commonness: as a ‘j’ (as in the English name 'George', word 'jockey'), as an ‘h’ (as in the Mexican beverage 'Jarritos', the Spanish word 'jalapeño', or the English name 'Henry'), as a ‘y’ (as in the word 'yacht' or the German word 'Ja' meaning 'Yes' or the name 'Jorgen von Strangle'{teh boss-fairy from le FOP, you silly nitwitt}..w's=v's, v's=f's auf Deutsch), as 'zh'(as in English 'vision', or the French masculine name 'Jean' or word 'lingerie'), or as a ‘w’ (as in the historical/fictional character + noun 'Don Juan', the feminine name 'Juanita', or the word 'marijuana'\'marihuana' or 'chihuahua' or the exclamatory interjection 'Woo!').
"Juicey jalapeños, Jawohl!" exclaimed Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D to the young, savvy, don juan.
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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German word for 'mine' or for 'my'. This nondistinguishment between ‘mine’ and ‘my’ auf Deutsch is why you will see sterotyped German-Rushan folk in TV shows speeking with such phrases as "mine dog", "mine schnauzer", "mein {et cetera}".
Dass ist mein!! Giveit bäk!!!
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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part of speach: interjection
"Excellent!", "Wonderful!"; used to show happiness about something that some-one just said.

Said with a slight roll of the ‘r’.

Etymology: German 'prima', meaning
I scored a 98 on my History Exam!!!!!

:O!! Prima!!!!!!
by Victor Van Styn September 04, 2005

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It obviously is a portrayance of two tongues kissing.
horny person: Mmm, let’s :-pd-; -- make-out.
by Victor Van Styn September 23, 2005

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A German letter-character which, despite its size, could be considered as always ‘lowercase’ since it never *starts* a word and stands in only its one form, ß.
The ligature ‘ß’ is k’rrectly ASCII'd\ASCIIfied into either:

‘ss’, which is pronounced as ‘'s'-set’ or ‘double-'s'’_character;

or ‘sz’, which the ligature *orinally* represented, and is pronounced as ‘'ess'-'tset'’. (In german, the letter ‘z’ is pronounced as ‘tset’, and in words usually like English ‘piZZa’ or ‘TSunami’, with a ‘ts’ sound.)

That is to say, the German word ‘Tischfußball’ which means ‘table soccer’ or ‘foozball’.. can be spelled-out as ‘Tischfussball’ also. Note that the German's ess-tzet{ß} has officially been abandoned a lot of places in that it is no-longer used in transactions and business et cetera. Note also that it is *never* used in a compound noun where an s-ending of one word and s-beginning of the next exists.
by Victor Van Styn August 21, 2005

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proper noun
pronounced: 'Här-REE`toess'

a Mexican soft-drink (meaning a carbonated beverage) which has made its way to the States. I my self first saw it at a Bigg's grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio (where I reside).
Personally, my favorite flavor of Jarritos is Tamarind\Tamarindo. No other soda like it; almost as tantalizing as Jone's Soda. Second would come Tuti-fruit (carbonated Mexican punch).
by Victor Van Styn July 22, 2005

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..is short for ‘Adults Only’ (most extreme videogame rating in the States). See also: EC, K-A, E, E10+, T, M, AO, and ESRB.
GTA:SA is no longer rated 'M', but instead 'AO', and subsequesntly is no longer on the shelves, barely in stock at all.
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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