15 definitions by Vermont Ferret

(1) Depending on the context, an acronym for either "Stay-At-Home-Mom" or "Shit-Ass-Ho-Motherfucker" (see dooce).

(2) Last name of the greatest white blues singer ever.
(1) You can read about one very hot, very funny SAHM at dooce.com.

(2) Doug Sahm was one great bluesman. Austin, Texas, will never be the same again without him.
by Vermont Ferret May 21, 2005
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(noun, from chinga): Literally "little fucking thing". Used to describe (1) a young prostitute (2) a teenage slut (3) a piece of trash (4) an irritant
Yo! Who put this chingaletta in my garage?
by Vermont Ferret February 14, 2005
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The period of a person's life that falls between youth and wishing you would fucking die. For some the line between middle age and old age is very thin.

Richard Nixon was born middle aged; Madonna achieved middle age when she became irrelevant; Dick Cheney bypassed middle age and went straight to old age as fast as he could get there.
My dad and mom still think they're young, but the sad truth is they hit middle age early in life and won't admit it.
by Vermont Ferret July 13, 2005
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(noun): Gay reference to a favorite sexual partner/boyfriend.
Saw you last night with Mr. Boofoo, and, man, he ugly! No booty an' he looks just like that hoAnne Coulter.
by Vermont Ferret February 15, 2005
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(noun): Originally, a term of affection to describe a hot tuna who hangs with surfers at the beach. The term now refers more generally to hot chix who live, work, or play at the beach.
The surf bunnies in South Carolina all look like dudes! Sike!
by Vermont Ferret March 04, 2005
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(slang expression): Originating in the 1950s as a response to a statement of dubious veracity or credibility, it's an acronym for "Keep believing it".
Bush: We can win the war on terror by killing every muslim in the middle east.

Intelligent Person: Yeah, k.b.i.
by Vermont Ferret August 24, 2006
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(noun, proper name): Overrated, overfed, and inexplicably popular right-wing American comedian--as the term is most broadly applied--who appeals to the same individuals who believe Garth Brooks is a legendary country-western singer, Billy Crystal is a national treasure, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND is the ultimate in primetime television programming, and Sen. Bill Frist can distinguish potential Republican campaign donors from people in a persistent vegetative state.
Drew Carey cannot stop laughing at his own lame-assed jokes, even when being pelted with ripe fruit.
by Vermont Ferret June 30, 2005
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