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(n) a typical asian male that drives a Civic, plays CS and DDR, dances to techno music and can't seem to go anywhere without atleast 10 other asians.
They are easily identified by their filipino blonde hairdo or in chat rooms or multiplayer online games by sending messages using alternating CAPS and lowercase (example: "U gOt pWnEd foo...u nO nAiR nIg...U sUxOr, mEnGrO
I can't even eat at that McDonald's anymore, the parking lot is filled with gAyZiAns.

Oh god, check out this gAyZiAn, does he really think that a wing that big does anything for his little Civic
by VegasChris June 28, 2005

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(n) an aborted embryo.

This term is used when referring to an aborted embryo while putting a new sexual prospect in check prior to doing the act. It is meant to discourage them from claiming that you got them pregnant, thus preventing unnecessary abortions.

It goes like this...You take a small clear glass vial with a dropper lid. Fill it with water and put a bloody booger in it. Now, you put this on a shelf somewhere in your room. Now, when you bring a chick home to have sex with, you know she's going to be nosy and ask what it is. You gladly take the opportunity to explain that it is the fetus embryo of one of your last relationships. That you requested it back after having to get an abortion. Then you tell this new girl that unless she wants to force you to have to put another jar on your shelf, she won't get pregnant, or atleast won't come to you for 1/2 the money to get an abortion. You tell her that you'd rather not put another one on your shelf, cause its starting to make you sad. Plus let her consider that if it does come to that, her little scrap of an offspring will be watching you screw a whole bunch of other chicks...and you know she doesn't want that.
Sally started talkin all crazy the other night when we were about to have sex, so I had to show her the jar baby.

Damn, $250 spent...and all I have to show for it is another jar baby.

by VegasChris August 30, 2005

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An asian who bleaches his/her hair to look blonde, but the color is usually orange. Most often found on a gAyZiAn
Nguyen has a smokin bod and small pointy titties, but I can't handle her filipino blonde hairdo.
by VegasChris June 28, 2005

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