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Conservative, right-winged devout Christians, all Southerners except one Southerner educated and smart enough, is usually a Baptist, that has a fascist lock on how this country should be absolute Christian run, because they think it will make it perfect and please God, even though they know how good they have it, and they're in denial because they know religion sucks, and they love secularism, but they think they'll get some afterlife by pleasing God, so they keep it to themselves. They think as long as it pleases God, it should be able to be voted in, which is extremely fascist and dangerous to the constitution's secularism. The News station of every republican is Fox News. To them, other news stations are lefty and biased. Lefty Liberals may be dangerous, but republicans are just as dangerous. They think people like me who have mental disorders don't need help, and while suffering, we need only 'God'. They believe abortions are wrong because their holy book says so. For constitution's sake, mind you, any party that uses a holy book should be flagged as an abomination. They also favor various other things in the name of their religion, which is an abomination, and disgrace to the constitution & America which was founded to be a FREE & SECULAR country, They've discarded our freedoms so much, they've gotten In God We Trust, and Under God put in as our motto and pledge. Beware of this party. As an Independent myself, I could also write a song and dance for the democrats too.
That mentally disturbed pothead over there goes to church every week because he thinks everything he gets by working hard is given to him by the Christian God, and thinks Fox News and Republicans are the best party and news, unbiased and completely truthful.
by VanillaCoffee April 03, 2010

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One's Native State, they usually born here, but most be from here to call it their homestate. (United States),

In terms of Pride: Usually one, whether bad or good, whether bad government or decent, whether people okay or amazing, whether spirit big or huge, that they keep in their hearts, and in some cases, like a person like me for example, decides to choose this state to reside in their whole life, whether it has issues or not, because they love it so much, and want to live in it while they can. Sometimes a person may come back, or may feel drawn back to their homestate.
I'm from New York, and I love my homestate and it's just like home sweet home to me.
by VanillaCoffee April 10, 2010

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A town in Erie County, New York. It is within about a 20-25 minute travel distance by car from downtown Hamburg to downtown Buffalo which is the County Seat of Erie County.

It contains a village also named Hamburg, and another village named Blasdell.

It is a southtown. On a scale from 1 (Northtown) (e.g. Tonawonda) - 5 (Southtown) (e.g. Aurora) it is considered around a 4 or so.

The Town of Hamburg is south of the City of Lackawanna, Lackawanna being south of Buffalo. Despite this, some areas are still somehow considered Buffalo, but the roads and numbering are all being redone and or changed around, which may attribute to this confusion or problem. Be warned if your GPS isn't up-to-date, it will not work in this town in many areas.

You can find a decent restaurant, walk in a quiet little one-floor mall like McKinley's mall, it has strips like McKinley Highway which offer plenty of chain and even the occasional mom& popish store for mostly everything you want, so you can't go wrong in Hamburg, visiting or living. Also, Hamburg is in a decent location. You can get basically anything you want and commute to several near towns in anywhere from 5-10 minutes to usually not more than 25-30 minutes if that.
VanillaCoffee: I've seen a good chunk of Erie county and I like Hamburg, New York the best. Cool little town... I may even soon officially be a Hamburger. Ahaha...
by VanillaCoffee June 29, 2010

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A county in New York. Arguably the best county in New York State, Erie County (which, no contest IS the best county in WNY) has Buffalo and several other towns such as Hamburg, West Seneca, Orchard Park, Aurora, Lancaster, Tonawanda, Amherst, Cheektowaga, etc.

No matter what food may urge someone to claim Erie County and Western New York is the land of the bland, once one tries Buffalo's chicken wings, the delicious perfection of this Buffalo area specialty will make one regret any past grudges and dislikes on the area's food.

Erie County has several towns, and exploring each one will surely have one wanting to move to their desired town to call their hometown for as long as they want to live in Western New York or Erie County.

Erie County is simply the heart and soul of Western New York, and the spirit of Buffalonians or Hamburgers or Orchard Park residents or West Senicans, etc. shows how much an Erie County resident / Western New Yorker values his or her hometown.
I checked out Erie County and was drawn to Hamburg and want to call it my hometown. Some think Hamburg's just a town, but I think it's my second home. It can't be just me though, I saw an old lady in her 70s / 80s that said she's a lifetime Orchard Park resident, indubitably the desire to move to the town of one's choice and to call one's desired town his or her hometown is only understand by people who like those specific towns.
by VanillaCoffee July 11, 2010

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A county in New York State. Dutchess is 50-60% upstate, and was previously was fluently Republican. Many lawsuits have turned Dutchess County more purple, it still leans red. The City of Poughkeepsie is the county seat.

People from communities around Dutchess County have been known to be warm-hearted, really sweet, some even walk with a smile on their face. However, they are VERY cliquey in most cases. Bear in mind it's a place like anywhere else. Drugs are common in bad areas of Dutchess and it's cities more specifically. Marijuana is a so common in Beacon the name Tree City was given.

This county lacks Special Education support expect for the City of Beacon's schools, so beware about sending your kids to Dutchess counties crappy schools, that's not biased, look it up.

Many areas have been known to deny jobs to those with disabilities. Poughkeepsie is the only known exception to this racism. The county executor is a republican as of April 24 2010. He's on his 4th or 5th term!

Dutchess is the type of county in which one needs to research very carefully before moving to.
Person, A: I'm moving to Dutchess County
Orange County NY Resident: Oh, alright, I'm not really too familiar with that county, but it seems alright.
by VanillaCoffee April 24, 2010

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A City in Southern Dutchess County in which is know to be pot-infested drug addict wasteland full of mostly Catholics that unanimously approve of the usage of Marijuana and named their city "Tree City". They send their kids to public schools that are ranked lowest in Dutchess County. Really religious people send their kids to *Private Catholic Schools* Beaconites are known to be racist to many groups of people they don't prefer. Two being Gays (not Lesbians) and Autistics.

Beacon is often stereotyped to be a picture-perfect Hudson Valley suburb of NYC.

The mayor of Beacon as of June 27th 2010 is hated even by Beaconites, in fact, Beaconites don't know what to say about them. He wanted to close down their on the spot and very helpful Fire Department Engine One, while residents easily signed a petition, and he's done other questionable actions to make life harder for Beacon residents.

Beacon has a grudge held towards it by the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper. One can see this when articles about Beaconites are written like this fake obituary "Joe Smith, who was from Beacon a lifelong Beaconite, has died in his home in Beacon. He was from Beacon, and went to Beacon schools, and regularly attended games in Dutchess County and Beacon. He was a Beacon wrestler for his JV Beacon Bulldogs team in Beacon High School which is located in Beacon, New York."
*Poughkeepsie resident walks to his car after meeting several Beaconites and having a very rough time at lunch being criticized he's from Poughkeepsie.*

Lifelong Beacon Resident: Where are you from?

Poughkeepsie Resident: Poughkeepsie.

Lifelong Beacon Resident: Lol, dang you guys got lots of problems... wow! I don't like Poughkeepsie.

Poughkeepsie Resident: What's the problem? Every area has good and bad to it--

Lifelong Beacon Resident: Lol, that's *coughs up flem from yesterday night's Friday Night Main Street party and spits while Poughkeepsie resident flinches* ta-- *ahem* that's mad funny, I'm dying *cough*!!! Hahaha, whatever *walks away, socially backs off and coughs a bit more flem up*

*Poughkeepsie resident walks away in disbelief*
by VanillaCoffee June 27, 2010

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1.) A mexican

2.) A latino that won't speak English in America and expects support and interpreter if needed for Spanish. (Liberals love catering to these)

3.) A word to fuck around with your Latino friend.
1.) Dat wetback spic just dun come over texsis bordeh, Jimmy bo Bob Billy, go be getting my pista whill a call da cawps

2.) He's a spic.

3.) Lol Spic. Nah, I'm just kidding. I love you buddy.
by VanillaCoffee June 30, 2010

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