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A follower of the Christian Faith or a Christian-related faith who only attends church in a time of crisis. This is moderately similar to a Holiday Christian though the attendance of a Holiday Christian is more predictable. Crisis Christians may attend church for consecutive weeks (or even days) in their time of need and not give it a second thought once their prayers have been answered.
Person 1: "My husband lost is job. We went to church every week and prayed for a miracle. Now he has a fantastic job and we don't need to go to church anymore!"
Person 2: Well you're quite the Crisis Christian, aren't you?
by ValleyBreezer January 31, 2017
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The younger, female Mini Me-esque counterpart of a male of greater age or skill set.
A man recognized that his female coworker has a bunch of similar motivational, self-driving professional interests that he has.
Man: "You are totally my Femini Me!"
by ValleyBreezer August 1, 2019
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When two males, one of color and one Caucasian, are coitusing with a female of any ethnicity where one provides services from the front and the other from the back to her in the all fours position while the two males high-five over the top.
Male 1: Daaaaaayom man, she fiiiiiiiiiine.
Male 2: She is definitely quite attractive.
Male 1: Yo, you know what we gotta do, dawg?
Male 2: What do you have in mind?
Male 1: We gotta Oreo Tower that piece...
Male 2: That is one thing we must do.
Male 1: <bitch-slaps Male 2>
by ValleyBreezer June 10, 2019
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The cowardice to do something because there's less sacrifice to yourself or your bottom line rather than doing what's right. Also known as P Act.
The CEO of 3M made a pussy act decision and allowed their distributors to sell their product to other countries while the US suffered shortages during a pandemic.
by ValleyBreezer April 3, 2020
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Checking out someone of the same sex even though you're definitely not gay nor bisexual.
Female: the other day at the gym i saw a girl that was gorgeous and she had this AMAZING ass and i waited in the locker room for an extra 5 minutes hoping i would just "run into" her
Male: Wait, you're a lesbian?
Female: Nope, it was just absolutely perfect, no joke. I didn't even want to hit on her, i just wanted to tell her how beautiful alllll that was.
Male: Ah, so you were bi-eyeing her!
Female: EXACTLY!
by ValleyBreezer November 8, 2019
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Unit of measure to identify the brightness scale of a light bulb. 1 Hümen (pronounced hoo'mən) = 100 lumens. Identified as a capital roman alphabet character h.
A 100-watt (or 100w) incandescent light bulb has the brightness of 16-Hümens (or 16H). Or 1600 lumens. While a 40w bulb only has brightness of 4.5H. So two and a half times more watts gets you almost 4 times more brightness!!
by ValleyBreezer May 28, 2015
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to gag and barf at the same time.

Other Contexts:
Garfed, Garfing

(See also. shart for a similar experience.)
I saw a fat lady wearing a bikini at the beach and it made me garf.
by ValleyBreezer November 3, 2006
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