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A medium sized metropolis on the western coast of the United States. Known as the City by the Bay. SF is the most beautiful city in America, and probably the world (in your face Paris). The weather is generally mild all year round but it can get a little chilly in the winter and it is occasionally hot in the summer.
I'd move to San Fransisco today, but then everyone would think I was gay.
by Urban Hitchhiker August 12, 2005
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"Notebook", is the term you use to refer to a LAPTOP computer if you are:

A) A 9 year old girl that likes Bratz dolls.

B) A fucking tool of Dell & Microsoft.

C) n00b
If we start calling certain computers notebooks that leads to grammatical ambiguity.

Customer: Hi, I like to buy a notebook.
Clerk: Okay, would you like a $5 or $500 model?

It's a stupid nickname created by retards who decided to major in marketing during college becuase they wanted to spend the majority of their time getting wasted.
by Urban Hitchhiker January 7, 2006
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The linguistic style and phonetic patterns used in vocal communication native to a relatively small portion of the United States of America.

General American was considered "accentless", by most people in a nation wide study. Though technically it could be called an accent.

General American is also known as the Midwestern Standard, because it is spoken most frequently in parts of the Midwest including most of Nebraska, Iowa, parts of central Illinois, and NE sections of Kansas and Missouri. In is most common in this region but is also widespread, esp. umong the upper class.

General American could be considered the American Equivalent to the Received Pronunciation (the British accent in most Hollywood movies) in England.
Newscasters and TV stars are generally taught the General American accent because it is most widely understood in all parts of the country.

Bob, from Omaha did not understand his cousin Jeffrey from New Orleans when he spoke because he did not use the Midwestern Standard.
by Urban Hitchhiker January 3, 2006
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Someone who has an uncontrollable fear of sexual situations ie a person that suffers from hornophobia. Hornophobes can be male or female, but most are female.
Bob: Wow that girl has has a really nice ass.
Jake: Yeah, I love it when they're nice and round like that but their still tight. She must workout often.
Rochelle: Oh my god! Did you just say something perverted again? Shut up SHUT UP! That is way too much info omg shut up!
Bob: . . . . ?
Jake: Don't be such a hornophobe. There's nothing wrong about sexual feelings. Just ignore her Bob, it's natural.
Rochelle: You guys like premarital sex, you're fucking sick! Why can't you just repress yourself like everyone else?
Bob: "To thine own self be true!"
by Urban Hitchhiker September 25, 2005
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The word used in some parts of Australia for a sweetened carbonated beverage.

I prefer to use the word 'pop'. It's short, sweet, and all encompassing: soda only refers to Cream Soda, Club Soda, or Jones Soda, all of which fit under the umbrella of pop.
Lolly water is probably the least used word for these drinks unless there is one that I am missing.

Carbonated Beverage
Soft Drink
Fizzy Drink
Soda Water

And of course LOLLY WATER!
by Urban Hitchhiker February 10, 2006
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