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RI/MA slang for a bubbler, a.k.a. water fountain (where you drink from, not to be confused with a water fountain you throw coins into at a mall; which is why we say bubbla cuz the watter bubbles out)
Man, I need a drink from the bubbla, my throat is dry.
by Eric July 19, 2004
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Name used for what most would consider a water fountain, drinking fountain. This word is most commonly used around the Boston area. Grammatically it would be spelled Bubbler, but is pronounced by the users as bubblah since the 'r' sound is dropped.
Boston area resident: Yo, is there a bubbla around heeah?
Outsider: Bubbla? What the fuck are you talking about?
Boston area resident: What the fuck do you think I am talking about you fuckin tahd?
Outsider: I haven't the slightest fucking idea.
Boston area resident: You getting flip with me dipshit? I am going to kick your ass wicked hahd.
by whycomes November 07, 2013
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Drinking fountain. The word is predominantly used in parts of the upper Midwest, Rhode Island, and Australia. It is said that in a couple of places that the usage may be related to the Wisconsin-based manufacturer, Kohler, which marketed a fountain under the Bubbler name around 1914.

Within New England, "bubbla" is used most in the State of rhode island, but because of the state's close proximity to Mass, many residents of Mass may also be familiar with the term.
Teacher: Why were you wait for class?
Student: Sorry, i stopped for a drink from the bubbla.
by The Bucketer March 31, 2006
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1. A gujurati slang term for the female mammary glands usually used by ginders AKA some nice ass titties !
Kushboobs: damn that chick has some nice ass titties.
Hirsh Chokri: i want to motorboat those bubblas !
by Dymasti September 25, 2006
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A water fountain...

What are you retaaded?
I was ridin through southie when i pulled up to a blinka, and saw the biggest fuckin mic drinkin outa bubbla. So me and him go to a paakie, and get some beeas.
by sophoric April 10, 2008
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Pheonetic spelling of bubbler as used in the speach of residents of New England, principally Boston. Describes a water fountain. Not the type of fountain that can be found in school hallways and in hospitals, among other places, but the ones which have a 5 gallon tank on top. Name comes from the large bubbles which form and rise to the top of the bottle when the spicket is used.
Vinny, you'd better throw another poland spring on there before that bubbla is kicked.
by Ray Flynn May 13, 2005
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