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to leave your team and join the team you can't beat
I want to win but my team is very weak, I want to Kevin Durant
by Unicornication July 10, 2016
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it is a basketball playing style where a reigning MVP chokes hard in the playoffs and especially in a championship match. Named after 2015–16 NBA unanimous MVP Stephen Curry, widely known as the biggest choker in Finals History where he and his team (Warriors) chokes hard in the Finals despite having a 3–1 lead
Peter choked last night. He is using Curry System
by Unicornication July 10, 2016
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An annoying NBA fanboy who secretly loves LeBron James but appears to be a LeBron hater for everyone else on the internet. They're Bronsexuals with retarded midset. Closet Bronsexuals are actively spouting non-sense LeBron stats or any LBJ career lows (from his rookie year up to his 8 point game) in any non-LBJ related topics. These fanboys literally fooled many NBA fans thinking that all LeBron Haters (LBJ fanboys who pretends to be LBJ Haters) are dumb
Notable Closet Bronsexuals

- Henry Rivera (active Closet Bronsexual)

- Jack Horford (Draymond Green dickrider from 2016-2018)

- AJ Walkin (2012-2018)

- Justin Miller (2017-201?)
by Unicornication June 24, 2019
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A group of asshole players who join the team that they can't beat
*Notable members of Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em Club:
~ Ron Artest (Metta World Peace), signed with the Lakers after being eliminated in the second round (2009 playoffs)
~ Ray Allen, signed with the Heat after being eliminated in the conference finals (2012 playoffs)
~ Andre Iguodala, signed with the Warriors after being eliminated in the first round (2013 playoffs)
~ Kevin Durant, signed with the Warriors after being eliminated in the conference finals (2016 playoffs)
~ Since LeBron James is 2-0 against the Heat during 2009-10 season, He is not a member of this club
by Unicornication July 10, 2016
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Stands for Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora PBB 2022 and Tiktok University version
Majoha priests were executed during the Spanish Era
by Unicornication April 13, 2022
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a Youtube marketing strategy that targets Filipinos for real quick Youtube views and followers, usually done by Koreans and American vloggers due to their awareness of Filipinos worshipping something about America or South Korea

Pinoybaiters are usually foreigners whose never been in the Philippines or didn't care about the Philippines, Filipinos and its culture until they decided to make their own Youtube channels, their channels are mostly all about "foreigners reacts to Filipino..." at all times
Notable Pinoybaiting Vloggers (no actual knowledge about the Philippines, languages and traditions, just reacts only for bait)
- Wave Lee (South Korean)
- K Sibling (South Korean)
- Terrence Jr. (American)

some Vloggers aren't Pinoybaiters since they already embraced Filipino culture, lived in the Philippines and even mastered Filipino languages where you can see their dedication about the country
- Dwaine Woolley (Australian)
- Dasuri Choi (South Korean)
- Kyle Jennermann (Canadian)
by Unicornication September 21, 2020
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a telephone number that does not ring when receiving calls
I am trying to call 73-9, but there's no ring
by Unicornication July 2, 2016
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