Outstandingly beautiful and intelligent. And I mean it. She is absolutley one of a kind and makes the people around her feel like they are in a state of zen and happiness. (Or even sometimes like they are high on something) There are no words to say or describe how much of a great friend she is and I hope that all of her hopes and dreams come true for her. I can say first person, that she definitely has my whole heart and soul connected to hers. Also, she is hella sex.

-Zamora, you beautiful bastard.
"Hey Zamora! Pitter patter lets get at 'er!"

"I love you Zamora."
by Paige_dinkdinkfam January 21, 2018
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Zamora is a very kind person with a sense of humor.She will always be your bff and help you with things or even fights she never give up on you.Talk about her friends she will knock you out.Never mess with Zamora when mad.
Zamora:was you talking about my friends ?
Picker:yes and what u gon do ?
by Jayla_dior September 18, 2020
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1. distinguished; famous,of noble or lofty character.To have high rank, official position, or social standing.
2. notable; remarkable; exceptionally outstanding.
He is a zamora CEO, he really takes his job seriously.
by merriam web. February 14, 2009
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Beautiful, artsy, youthful, and smiley. Usually is filled with excitement and is very energetic. Very attractive in every way.
Claudia Zamora is a famous supermodel.
by Roland Frier July 13, 2009
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noun. A company hell bent on pinching pennies at the expense of their employees. A large company owning many dealerships; most of these drastically underpay their technicians and "miss" spiffs for salespeople.
I just went to a zamora automotive dealership to fix my car, and they did'nt charge me diagnosis time! The parts prices are through the roof though!
by underpaid208493 February 10, 2010
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The hottest girl in school
"Who do you think the hottest girl in school is?" "Uhh, evie zamora"

Typically a slutty girl!
Boyfriend "man have you seen thirteen, that movie is whack". Girlfriend "yeah, and Evie is kinda hot" Evie Zamora is a character pottayed by Nikki Reed.
by Thirteen fan December 5, 2021
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Valeria Zamora has big boobs and a booty.She is lucky in science and of she guess in a test she will get them correct.She is beautiful has dark brown hair/wavy and brown black eyes.She likes hip hop,jazz,tap dancing,and she also likes dancing mexican dances.You could trust her and you could play around with her.And if she has a boy best friend she likes you but she won't tell you if you tell her.She is even good at karate she learns everything fast.
by Valeria Ortega July 13, 2018
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