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An incredibly underrated musician that released three sad and beautiful albums before committing suicide. His final album, sarcastically titled "It's a Wonderful Life" was his best and is a classic, or at least it should be. The best songs on that album are the first three: It's A Wonderful Life, Gold Day, and Piano Fire.
Check Sparklehorse out on youtube his songs are really sugary sweet and melodic while also being kind of sad. It's a great combination you'd probably like him
by UltimateToast September 7, 2010
1. Basically it's a site where you go on a web cam and are hooked up with another random person on a web cam and every time you click next or your partner clicks next you disconnect and are connected with another random person. About 90 percent guys.

2. A site that can completely destroy someone's self esteem, much more so than high school. Full of assholes.

3. A site where everyone likes to joke about how you sometimes come across a guy masterbating.. Because it's so hilarious the tenth time you've heard it.
1. "Man there are so many guys on that chat roulette, you know the site where you get to see and talk to random people."

2. Random girl on chat roulette: I like your eyebrows, they turn me on ;)
*clicks next and joins the club with the other 20 girls.*
Random fat woman on chat roulette: *starts laughing*
*clicks next*
*person dies a little inside*

2. Mike never thought he was that ugly, every now and then it would seem like a girl had a crush on him, or was checking him out, or he would hear about people complimenting him on his looks in some way or another. This perception completely changed when he went on chat roulette and at least 80 percent of the people on there (particularly the attractive girls) either laughed at him and clicked next, made fun of me then clicked next.. I mean.. him, or simply clicked next.

3." lol there's no point to chat roulette it's totally full of penises."

"zomg you're so hilarious, what a witty observation. No one's ever said that before.
by UltimateToast September 17, 2010
User name of a youtube celebrity/partner of the same name (Ray William Johnson) who despite being somewhat unfunny is still highly entertaining and likeable. Occasionally his jokes will elicit a chuckle but more often than not his jokes aren't that great. His youtube channel showcases his show; =3 (like the cutesy smiley face) in which he reviews 3 funny/entertaining online videos each episode. At the end segment he has the comment question of the day which is in the form of a video response that he picks, after the video response he then shows some of the funniest answers to the previous comment question of the day. The idea of the show is to review *viral* videos but sometimes the videos aren't actually all that popular (even though they're entertaining). In the words of Ray: "I'm just a regular guy with an entertaining hobby."
I can't wait for the next episode of =3, I always look forward to new episodes from raywilliamjohnson because he has one of the most entertaining shows on youtube.
by UltimateToast September 22, 2010
A person that possesses both male and female characteristics to the extent that it can be hard to tell if they are a guy or a girl. Definitely looks better on guys than on girls for the most part, as many androgynous/effeminate men are considered attractive to the opposite sex. However, females that are androgynous can not pull it off nearly as well because.. well, come on, butch women are gross.
Justin Bieber is highly androgynous, as well as the lead singer of Tokyo Hotel.
by UltimateToast September 22, 2010