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A baron of Bodenwerder, a small city in the area of Lower Saxony, Germany, between Hanover and Goettingen. Known for his dubious stories of his travels, from flying to the moon on a cannonball, to shooting a deer with a cherry pit for a bullet, only to find it again the following year with a cherry tree growing on its head. In Bodenwerder, you can see statues of Munchhausen everywhere, humorously depicting a part of his stories.
"As Munchhausen walked into town, the gate fell onto his horse, and sliced it in half. The front half of the horse continued on, while the back half was taken by the butcher to be made into meat. When the horse stopped to drink, the water spewed out his back as if he were a fountain..."
by UM North Quad January 09, 2009
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