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Another name for a game called Adventure Quest. Comes from the URL, . Most people use the URL name for time.
I went onto BattleOn yesterday.
by Giovanni Spina April 24, 2005
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a repetitive, yet very addicting rpg. I've played this game from hours at a time, to 5 minutes at a time. After playing for 5 minutes, you'll get hooked to the game. I even stopped like runescape, RUNESCAPE!, because of this game. Everytime i get the chance to play aq, i go through one hell of a withdrawel after getting off. I'm warning you now, DONT PLAY THIS GAME, AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT GET GUARDIANSHIP (membership) EITHER!!!!
tommy: wanna play BattleOn at my house?
timmy: its adventure quest, or aq, stupid. BattleOn is the site.
tommy: oh,
by UM North Quad April 14, 2006
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