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grabbing a woman by the crotch until she:
A) showers you with kisses, or
B) showers you with punches.
I've only been able to pull off the Australian Death Grab twice ... both times at frat parties.
by UCLAcrewDude February 29, 2004

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interruption in college classes that allows college students (and skeezy old men/soldiers) to enter a weeklong frenzy of debauchery as an escape from the rigors of school and the cold of winter. often means less to west coasters, who actually experience "sunlight" during the winter.
I never realized just how awesome spring break was until I moved from Los Angeles to Philly. I just thought that chicks sunbathing in bikinis were the norm.
by UCLAcrewDude March 22, 2004

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generally anything starring John Travolta/other darling of the bullcrap Scientology "religion".
Battlefield Earth is the king of The Worst Movies of All Time.
by uclacrewdude February 26, 2004

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the natural born enemy of physicians everywhere. a huge reason why healthcare in, for example, Pennsylvania is worse in every manner than in California. a terrible bastardization of the justice system, they hope for a lottery, shotgunning all parties involved in a particular accident in the hopes that one of these days they'll hit the jackpot. this takes away resources from people who have real claims as well as from hospitals/managed-care companies that are forced to charge more.
A: So what do you do for a living?
B: I'm a general surgeon.
A: No way! Wow, so you must make a lot of money!
B: You'd think so. My gross income is about $250K/yr pretax, but end up throwing 50% of it to malpractice insurance.
A: Wow, so doctors aren't really that greedy?
B: Generally not. In fact, if people didn't subscribe to ambulance chasers as important sources of justice, that would bring down my malpractice insurance, allowing me to see more patients while lowering my fees.
by UCLAcrewDude April 22, 2004

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deepest layer of meningeal coverings of the brain, just superficial to the brain cortex/spinal cord and just deep to the arachnoid. reflects into all the sulci of the brain and is well vascularized. paper thin, aids in nourishing, cushioning, and protecting the CNS. gets inflamed during meningitis infection, with resulting CNS impairment.
The pia mater is extremely hard to pick away from the gross brain/spinal cord ... haha, now you're sharing in my pain of getting through medschool!
by UCLAcrewDude March 07, 2004

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The turtle is a sexual maneuver, described more by circumstances than by some actual physical procedure. Performing the turtle on a prepubescent child is called so because you get there before the hare (hair) did.
Jesus Quintana went to jail for performing the turtle. But nobody fucks with the Jesus!
by UCLAcrewDude November 23, 2004

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