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The subject of a hillbilly funk song of the same name, Amos Moses was the brainchild of Jerry Reed, in 1971.

According to the song, Amos Moses was a stoic, one-armed Cajun man that "hunted gators" (that is, alligators) back when the act was still criminalized. When a sherrif tried to catch him for his crime, he "never come out again".

The song describes him as a sort of tough as nails person, not unlike Chuck Norris, though his "super powers" were severely limited, since his power was "huntin' alligators down in the swamp boi".
See the Jerry Reed song, "Amos Moses".
by TurtleShroom August 06, 2011
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A REALLY lame pun referring to the twenty third of December: the day before Christmas Eve.

Derived from the Biblical Adam and Eve in the Bible's book of Genesis.
My grandmother told me a story of a young girl who asked where Adam was in Christmas. The girl's parents were like what the heck?

She explained "Well, there's a Christmas Eve, so this is obviously Christmas Adam!"

* rimshot *
by TurtleShroom December 29, 2011
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From the 1971 song "Amos Moses", a phrase referring to a person that gorges on food. It literally means that one can eat the equivalent of their weight in food, and unless the person exercises vigorously, the chances are high that they're huge.
(There) lived a man named Doc Milsap and his pretty wife Hanna, (and) they raised up a son who could eat up his weight in groceries! Named him after a man of the cloth, Called him Amos Moses!" -Jerry Reed, "Amos Moses
by TurtleShroom August 06, 2011
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A mispronunciation of "vanilla", endemic to the Southern Accent. Once common, it is usually found in the elderly population of the Southern United States, since the accent has evolved over the years.
Me: "Okay, what ingredient does the cake call for next?"

Mimmie: "A teaspoon of vaniller."
by TurtleShroom August 06, 2011
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