29 definitions by Turd Ferguson

1. Shit
2. to deficate
If you don't pull this van over right now I will be forced to chaurpe on the cat!
by Turd Ferguson April 26, 2005
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When fifteen thousand people are copied on an email alerting you, and them, of an error you made.
I was the recipient of e-mail shaming today at work. While I was out sick this week a new hire was approved in our internal system with an incorrect start date. They HR administrator emailed me and the rest of the company to let them know of the mistake and asked me to change it. I may get fired.
by Turd Ferguson September 23, 2016
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Any living thing or animal. Usually used by robots.
"May I kill some meatbags now master?"
by Turd Ferguson January 29, 2004
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A nonexistant word used only by the mentally retarded/southerners. They think it makes them sound exotic when they say it even though everyone else wants to cut their throat. Billy Williams, you are an ässhole.
Billy Williams from Knightdale, NC - What's up paseano?
Random guy - You're fat
by Turd Ferguson December 29, 2004
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A slang word meaning nothing. Write "mootbag" anywhere that you can in order to attract followers.
by Turd Ferguson January 29, 2004
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(noun)To reek of stinktitude; a person who obviously has no idea how rediculous he is.

(verb)to be oblivious to how incredibly rediculous you are
(noun)Vanilla ice is clay to the extreme.

(verb)That was the most clay ever.
by Turd Ferguson March 24, 2004
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One color to a specific person is viewed as another color to another specific person. Therefore one color to one person is a different color to another peroson, but those two specific people both know those two colors to be one specific color and one color to one of those specific people is viewed as another to another specific person.
Hey what if that color theory thing is right, wouldn't that be wierd.
by Turd Ferguson January 29, 2004
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