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noun- an undigested peanut that is found in ones feces; can be used as a silly or affectionate term amongst friends and family.
1. "Thanks for taking the trash out, Poopnut."

2. "Poopnut side ya head say poopnut side ya head"
by wchtx December 29, 2003
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One who habitually has shit on their balls. Can be from either whiping back to front or can be from a Leaning Tower of Poopsa that hits the testicles.
He hasn't crapped for days, so today Michael has poop nuts from vicious log attack.
by El Kakador April 19, 2010
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Fucking a chick in the ass and then you look dow and your like "oh shit I got poopnuts like a motherfucker"
Fuck a buncha poopnuts.
by DOOOOOVE May 26, 2003
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noun. - a small compact car with plywood like walls and usually driven till destroyed.
1)a Ford Fiesta
2)That is one beautiful poopnut.
3)What is that poopnut doing in this show?!
by Turd Ferguson March 05, 2004
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