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the most hardcore spirit one can find in a local pub, mostly weatherspoon branches. not for pussies.
yo dude, i have no will to live, wanna get sum shots of wray?
by TuBsy February 16, 2005

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The little pieces of Chod that stick to anal pubes during a rather sloppy shit.
"cor blimey mother, one had a right bother wiping the swinging monkeys off of ones arse pubes, those little blighters never give up"
by TuBsy February 16, 2005

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Used as a codeword for biftas or fatties that can be used in the presence of parents or police officers without arising suspicionof what you really talking about. Could be used to make you mum think your eating heathily.
At a family dinner.
Brother- hey sis, had sum bananas last nite, fuckin brilliant.
Sister - cool, got sum left?
by TuBsy August 17, 2005

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A spliff that uses more than one king skin, see fatties
check this bifta, its a 10 skin!, look look we can rest it on the dogs head, ahh look at him!
by TuBsy November 21, 2005

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A.B.S. , originally came from an acronym for a very strong plastic. (acrylamitrideButabeneStyrene) Is what your mobile fone is probably made out of.
try saying that 3 times fast!
by TuBsy March 01, 2005

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1. A group, or "order" of individuals who can read minds, float things yadda yadda. who every one with not much of a life wishes they where.

2. Most brits, when pushed into saying what religion they are will say, jedi.
geeky kid - man those jedi knights are sooooo cool, i wanna be one (making pathetic lightsabre noises and waving an invisible sword)

Researcher - so sir, what religion are you?
Guy - erm, let me see.
Researcher - come on sir, its not a difficult question is it?
Guy - eeerrrmmm. Jedi?
by TuBsy February 16, 2005

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the most pointless spirit to be made of all time, comes in many useless flavours and is consumed by cowardly students who know no better who try and look 'ard but the barman is laughing his ass off at them and calling them a prick as they leave the bar, with all the other barmen/women around him laughing also.
Guy - hey barman, gimme 2 shots of apple sourz.
guy 2 - wow, where so hardcore
barman - errrm, no, fuck off out of my pub you cowards.
by TuBsy February 16, 2005

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