A wonderful girl. One that knows the right things to say to make you smile, even when you are at your lowest. A girl who you'd want to make smile just because her smile is one of the most beautiful ones you have ever seen. Her personality is bubbly, and she is a bit weird. Her laughs and giggles are contagious since it will get everyone laughing too. She is one of the most beautiful beings in existence.
Person One: What's the name of that star there? It's really beautiful.
Person 2: I know, it's almost as bright as Shelly.
by thenewkeeperoftherunners July 20, 2014
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A nickname usually given to amazing girls with great personalities, these girls are known to be stunningly gorgeous, beautiful inside and out, fun, out-going, spontaneous, and sexy. Shelly's are also known to be the best girlfriends and the best in bed. Shelly can be used as an adjective to describe something incredibly awesome, entertaining, and astounding.
Everyone wants a friend named Shelly!

What you did was so Shelly.

If only you were a Shelly.

That's right, Shelly is my girlfriend.
by JoWaSh May 23, 2008
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Someone with eyes so blue it is as if gravity no longer applies and you are swimming in the sky. Someone whose heart is so big you feel as if you are the most important person in the world. Someone whose kiss is so sweet it is as exciting as the a first and as tender as a last. Someone who smells so sensational you are instantly addicted to her fragrance. Someone whose embrace is so comfortable you immediately lose all awareness of your surroundings. Someone with a legs are so fine all you can think is what they would be like around you. Someone with a smile is so bright that pierces the darkest cloud warming you with its brilliant rays. Someone who is so beautiful in all she says and does that her memory never fades.
The mere thought of Shellie transformed the coldest concrete car garage into a bit of heaven.

To experience Shellie albeit for a short time is to experience something never forgotten.
by Banker Boy February 4, 2010
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The most amazing human being ever. So sweet and kind. There's no way anybody could hate her!
Shelli Orr.
by alyssa shannon August 26, 2008
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The most amazing girl in the world. While spending time with her, it seems like time stops. She can nearly hypnotize you with her smile and laugh. And this is the reason, you always want to make her smile. Her Sneezes are the cutest sounds i have ever heard. Her giggles are more contagious than Covid19. She also has the best personality. If god ever created a perfect and most beautiful being in the entire universe, I am sure it is Shelly.
Person 1: This Star up there is really beautiful.
Person 2: It is not nearly as beautiful as Shelly tho.

Person 1: Do you know Shelly?
Author of this definition: Yes ofcourse, she is the person i had my "ZING" with.
by Revelant January 11, 2022
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The hottest chick in town. Gorgeous smile. Exotic Eyes. Attaches to a single partner for life and shows unmatched love, desire and affection for that one lucky person. Sexually unmatched, get a piece of this and you will fall under her spell for life. Maternal, loves her children incredibly so. Try to step between her and her children, or her mate, and you will suffer public scorn and the deepest physical wounds imaginable. A Shellie will never forget and will never forgive anyone outside her immediate family if you cross her or its perceived that you cross her or her loved ones. With a Shellie is is all or nothing. Love her and she will love you...provided you are the first to knock at her door and impress her with your good looks and charm.
That girl is sweet looking.

No kidding, she's definitely a Shellie.
by MrFreePress February 3, 2010
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A kickass girl that smokes shit, is fucking funny, and loves to party. Usually around a height of about 5' tall, these chicks are usually really hardcore and have a pet unicorn that can shit rainbows.
Bro 1: Dude, she is such a Shelli.
Bro 2: I know, right?! It's like she's one of the guys.
Bro 3: Exactly...DUDE! She's making out with the couch!
Bro 1: Aight Imma be honest here, this is turning me on.
Bro 2: Your mom's turning me on!
Bro 3: ...dude what the fuck is wrong with you?!
by NYANUNICORN December 19, 2011
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