A group of people who are all radically different, but are closely-knit friends. Often include people such as: the slutty barbie, the jarhead, the wiseass comedian, the slightly insane asian kid, the big guy with a heart of gold, the chick who thinks she can get more than the slutty barbie but is obviously wrong, the Star Wars nerd, and the one person who's health condition makes the others all act like honest, caring people.
Mike: "You're all insane, I don't understand why they don't kill each other."
Liz: "We're all just one big dysfunctional family!"
by LeesusFreak February 8, 2010
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A level of measurement, in this case it denotes one 1.75 L bottle of hard alcohol.

You're guaranteed to find at least one of these hidden in every white, suburban pantry. Their main purpose is to sedate soccer moms and allow their underage kids to get shit housed and try to play tennis with the cat.
Man, last night was boring as hell until Mark found his mom's dysfunctional family sized bottle of Cuervo. Next thing I know we turned his living room into a slip n' slide and Ashley puked in the china cabinet.
by Elwood Lane November 4, 2012
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