38 definitions by Trey

1) The male sex organ
2) A substitution for any other noun verb or adjective
1)Who wants to see my meat?
2)Hey you little meat you just meated all over my meat!
by Trey March 1, 2004
Crackerman is a Canadian rock band that covers Stone Temple Pilots' songs. Their lead singer is fat and has a terrible voice compared to original STP. This unoriginal idea is the worst thing to happen since Anna Nicole Smith's television show.

I also think that a Crackerman is a heroin dealer, but I'm not 100% positive.
That band from Ontario named Crackerman fucking sucks ass.
by Trey December 29, 2005
what kids with camera phones do in school
Jarad Morgon took a crazy upskirt shot of Jen Hunsinger
by Trey December 14, 2004
grill of a car
yo, check out my new grizzel bitch
by Trey November 29, 2003
st.gertrude's is exactly the same as any other private school in richmond except 4 the fact they got uniforms, other than that they all ugly ass muh fuckaz, rich ass snobby ass 2 cent crackwhores, and they all throw themselves at the brother schools, shut da hellup cuz im da onli 1 aloud 2 talk dis shyt!
Like oh my gosh, i go to like st.gertrudes and i really dont know why i hate those st.catherines girls but it might like umm be because like they're just like us!!
by Trey March 11, 2005
God is a made up guy used to give hope to the people 2000 years ago. He was their way of explaining EVERYTHING.
God is a mythical being.
by Trey February 23, 2005
Exclamation of surprise, especially dismay or other non-favorable excitment (though not always)
Oh great merciful 'crapshit', my hand is stuck in the blender!
by Trey October 21, 2004