38 definitions by Trey

slang for "hell yea"
also see: "heek yeek"
Cox: My 95 Civic with the big fin, racing stripes and loud pipes is the shiznit!
Bom: Heek!
by Trey February 6, 2003
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stuff, shit, anything along those lines
man, why you talkin smack?
by Trey March 1, 2005
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Crackerman is a Canadian rock band that covers Stone Temple Pilots' songs. Their lead singer is fat and has a terrible voice compared to original STP. This unoriginal idea is the worst thing to happen since Anna Nicole Smith's television show.

I also think that a Crackerman is a heroin dealer, but I'm not 100% positive.
That band from Ontario named Crackerman fucking sucks ass.
by Trey December 29, 2005
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The world after whites are all killed and race-mixxed by Zionist jews and niggers. All communications and electronics will cease to exist. Niggers and jews will go back to a simple, nomadic lifestyle.
Just kill me, white brothers, before the Nigropolis claims this hopeless world.
by Trey October 20, 2004
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A Southparkien pronunciation of terms which are not entirely exciting to repeat mmmkay.
Mr Mackey: Mmmkkay.
by Trey May 30, 2003
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A phrase first coined by Trey that evolved in late 2000, the sound one makes when they are annoyed by a stupid person. An utterance of annoyance or lack of enthusiasm.
After reading a wanking/stupid post, all I had to say was 'duhr.'
by Trey February 26, 2004
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slang term for a toyota 4x4 truck
by Trey April 29, 2004
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