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One word: Delusional.

Says they're powerful, can't take a joke.
Says they're strong, constantly finds ways to be a victim.
Says they're perfect, crumbles under any criticism and lashes out with gaslighting and projection.
Says they can change the world, can't figure out how money works.
Says things with confidence, later debunked by basic Google search.
Says they know the facts, starts every sentence with "I feel".
Says they're smarter than all older generations, can't spell "your"/"you're" or "their"/"they're"/"there"
Says that capitalism is bad, pays $60 for alt costumes in gacha games.
Says they trust the science, believes LGBTQ is the future of humanity.
Says 'hate speech' is not tolerated, immediately insults anyone who disagrees with them on anything.

**The only generation that would even try to turn 4chan into a Safe Space(tm).**
**The generation with the most members who unironically think Communism is good.**
**Allergic to all forms of grass.**
Millenial 1: Hey, bruh...
Millenial 2: Yo?
Millenial 1: Gen Z.
Millenial 2: lmao

Gen Z: Toxic, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-woman, hateful, cancerous, bigoted-
Millenial: lolWUT read the rules of the internet

Gen Z: Validate my opinion or I'll block you!
Millenial: Block me? That means I win, right?
by Touchgrassthinkfast October 23, 2023
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The mocking phrase used to water down and oversimplify the general point being made in an attempt to dismiss the severity of Hillary Clinton's preferential treatment at the hands of the FBI, back in 2015 when she was subpoenaed by Congress to turn over government emails that she illegally hosted on a private server that led to concerns over national security.

Clinton destroyed all devices containing any information related to the emails and wiped all of her servers in a blatant defiance of the subpoena, another illegal act that also went miraculously unprosecuted by the FBI and DOJ.

The point in Trump supporters bringing this up in relation to Trump being pursued on the documents he is accused of illegally possessing, is to compare the hypocritical ignorance of the left and democratic political spectrum with the situation at hand as Trump allegedly declassified the documents as sitting President while Hillary had not once ever stepped into the Oval Office.

The phrase "but her emails" serves to mock Trump supporters over Hillary taking advantage of the two-tiered justice system that ignores blatant democrat illegality and fabricates republican illegality.
Person 1: "Trump had documents at his Mar-A-Lago residence! That's illegal!"
Person 2: "That's not illegal because he declassified them. But even if it were, what about Hillary's emails?"
Person 1: "bUt HeR eMaIlS"
Person 2: "That's not an argument. If you're going to go after Trump, you need to address what Hillary did or we're not taking you seriously."
by Touchgrassthinkfast July 29, 2023
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