72 definitions by Tonythetiler

Beat down that lowers your intelligence quotient to lowest functioning level
Kat says to Tony
If you don't stop with the puns I am going to make you special
by Tonythetiler October 8, 2020
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When your kid is being raised by a dancer after divorce
Crying shame kid gets stuck with the step-dancer. Oh I don't know karma is a bitch

God might bust a knee like Tonya Harding
by Tonythetiler April 27, 2021
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Absolutely level on a wall.. Aka God in Masonic terms. Perpendicular to level on any plane connected to it.
Tony the tiler was always searching for it in vertical concrete walls. The map to the grail. Level off the wall, sweetest plumb.
Bob the Glazier saw God once in his protégé Pat the future Mason's shower.
He measured twice and said I can't believe it perfectly plumb. Omg I get to cut a glass door square once for Gods sake.
by Tonythetiler January 29, 2022
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Concious behavioral pattern mask used to hide underlying habits.
Its unfortunate that divorce people point out all the deviant behavior.Every man is a adolescent narcissistic impaired roman bust every woman is a borderline personality disorder Medusa and the reaching for straws hell they just throw out bipolar tic tacs.

Thats why people revere guys like Tony the Tiler the true creatures with chiseled faults pillars of intrinsic integrity who make character cool refuse to wear the etticatt overlay.

But he is a misogynist who seeks to denigrate women.

There you go again.
by Tonythetiler May 1, 2021
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Hey doc what do you think of texts like this from my kids mom

That is what is known as an unfavorable pragmatic indicator

Wow doc you got a four dollar word for everything
by Tonythetiler December 11, 2021
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Marital aid earplugs
Whenever she gets on a rant I just slip on my marital aid
by Tonythetiler December 18, 2016
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