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Usually a man who spends his time oiling himself and making harrowing comments to young ladies. Thinks a lot of himself and likes to wear shirts with the buttons undone. Also wears sun glasses on head and always look like he is pondering what to say to his next victim.
Look at that pervert, what a Sun Kissed Lothario

David Hasslehof is a Sun Kissed Lothario
by Timio June 07, 2006
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When one gets his Mrs to lie on her back with her legs in the air, as far back as possible and slightly ajar. The gentleman then (ensuring a solid boner), uses his whole hand too point his member towards the ground as straight as possible before manoeuvring over his waiting and willing lady. Then, ensuring said boner is rock and pointing down as strait as possible, you can begin the act of straight dipping by bending your kness and allowing your tip to dip away at leisure. (your choice of hole)
"Have yourself a merry little straight dipping"

"man, i straight dipped my mrs last night and my back is killing"

"i bloody love a good old straight dip"

by Timio April 28, 2007
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the name given to both the twat and anus when being used at the same time
"oh yeh, i gave that girls twanus a good old licking, started in her pussio and ended in her ass...cheers"

"i had my cock in your pussy and a finger in your ass, your twanus got worked baby"
by Timio April 25, 2007
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The culination of licking and gnoshing to create a wet blow job. Usually performed on an engorged fallace...
Cha Cha song optional....
I like it when my girl gives me a good old loshing

What do you enjoy?.."I like a good loshing"...
by Timio May 28, 2006
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some anoying fucker who is always in the way and you hate being anywhere near you
"Oi, swell end! get out the way, i cant see the fucking TV screen"

"Look at that cunt over there, he is such a swell end"

"Damn, that guy is more annoying than my swelling bell end"
by Timio May 16, 2007
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A 'Poppleton’ is when someone, no matter how cool or sophisticated they are, always manages to do something outrageous and/ or stupid. They are regularly seen with a guitar, bottle of coke and a mars bar in hand and regularly sleep with rotters.
"oh no, look at that rotter he is going to bum, he had definately pulled a poppleton"

"Banned from the road for drunk driving? that is very poppleton"
by timio April 30, 2007
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A hagan is someone who enjoys sexual relations with females, males and animals alike. A hagan also takes his prey by force when usual methods are not fruitful. Usually small in the reproductive area, a hagan often makes up for this by being a mash up at a party then blaiming this state for under performance in the bedroom. Because of this, you may sometimes hear a hagen being refered to as 'Ant' or 'Ant cock'...
"look at Ant (hagan), he is attacking people in the street again"

"Oh my god, look at that ant hagan, he is so messed up his cock and balls look like a two year olds"

"That Hagen needs locking up to protect the public and animals of the world from physical and emotional violation"
by Timio April 18, 2007
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