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A disease which causes one to spend all of their free time on tumblr. Symptoms include fever, starvation, extreme feels, and eyestrain.
Andrew suffers from a severe case of tumblrculosis. He spends hours per day on the site and never does any of his classwork.
by TimeBaum February 11, 2013

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To commit to someone in High School, similar to a marriage, but far less serious because both involved know that they will likely break up once they go to college.
"Katie, will you High School Marry me?"

Person 1: "Dude, Josh and Becca have been going out for a while now. Think they'll actually end up married?"
Person 2: "Nah, they're just High School Married. Josh'll dump her once he starts meeting college chicks."
by TimeBaum January 06, 2011

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Someone who is sad and depressing. A person who always rains on the parade and spoils fun times.

The term comes from the fact that cold, soggy corn is just about the most depressing type of food in existence.
Guy 1: Man, this party is gonna be awesome. We are so gonna get laid!

Guy 2: I doubt it. I doubt I'll even talk to any girls. I never do. I suck at talking to girls.

Guy 1: Man, quit being such cold soggy corn!
by TimeBaum August 30, 2011

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An exclamation of surprise or shock, usually preceded by "holy."
This is used in reference to the webcomic Lumia's Kingdom, in which a character uses it.
It takes him exactly three hours and forty-seven minutes to detect anything out of the ordinary, to which he will always respond 'Holy Megapode!'
by TimeBaum February 22, 2011

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