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Word used by idiots who are too cool to use the word Police.
'Bluuuuup, derez da boydem, kick up outta here bruv 'efore dey buss caps'

Stupid seeing as the Police don't have guns in England, yet idiots still think they are living in a ghetto.
by Tibor May 3, 2005
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Acronym used by retards too lazy to type 'you're not funny, stop trying to be'.
, or 'I don't understand your word longer than 5 letters but I'll type something anyway to make it seem like I'm not a fucking retard'.

Back when MSN was on version 2 or 3, it consisted of writing and conversation, now, version 7 consists of smilies, winks, nudges, stupid display pictures of your favourite anime, and 'lol'.

It makes it much more satisfying with word filters replacing 'lol' with 'I'm a cunt'.
Tibor: Haha, Microsoft have to call it 2.4Ghz because Sony have registered the name 'Bluetooth', of course people dont realise this because they're retarded.
14 year old girl: LOL
by Tibor May 20, 2005
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Used when someone is so very retarded that they dont deserve to be on the internet, these people can usually be identified easily:

14 years of age, female, over use of 'lol'.
10-18 male, anime references, no regard to grammer, and no regard to spelling.

Used to show superiority over the said retard, as in, I have more right to be on the internet than you do.
14 year old girl: lol u lyk 24 lol dats so sht lol
Tibor: Get The Fuck off My Internet before I come to your house and shit on your face
by Tibor May 20, 2005
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Said in situations when you want someone to die, when approached by a mugger or someone who wants to steal something from a human, you say 'bite the kerb', in the style of American History X. When you feel the rage you get when someone tries to steal something from someone who worked for money, then all you want to do is either kill the bastard or wound him very much.
Mugger - 'Gimme your money bruv or I'll bore you up'

You - 'Fuck off and bite the kerb you cunt'
by Tibor May 3, 2005
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Next Gen console from Microsoft, proving that throwing money at designers to design a games console doesn't mean it will be any better than it's previous version.

Key features include: Changable face plates to match your Nokia, changable colour schemes for your online shop, oh and maybe it plays games too. I wouldn't know, the Microsoft Conference was just about how this will 'make the living room a fun place with colourful GUIs' and crappy online features like, 'selling your own branded T Shirts to other XBox live gamers'
'Hey have you seen the XBox 360?'
'You mean XBox 2'
'No, they didnt want to call it that because then it would seem inferior to the PS3'
'No matter what they call it, it will always be inferior to the PS3'
by Tibor May 20, 2005
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